Sunday, July 12, 2009

Handmade Artisan Glass Beads

Scaled Sky by abeadedgift.

Woke up this morning and decided to browse handmade artisan glass beads on etsy. A fascinating medium I have yet to explore, I was curious to see what caliber of artist etsy could claim. Very fine, it seems!
After picking through stitch markers with glass beads on them and mis-tagged (each and every one flagged) beads, I set aside a few to marvel at and dream about buying. If you need to snatch them away from my dreams, its okay, I understand. I would much rather these lovelies go be with a loving home then stay in the dank, dark basement of my financial longing.

HMB Studios -

Montreux Mountains

Organic , lavender, planetary ring-like, I would throw a larks knot over these with leather and create an adjustable silver button closure and that's it. It needs nothing else to make it a unique and breathtaking accessory. Available here at an affordable $15.
Oh! She has half off until 7-15! Unbelievable!

Etched orange and Pink Beads

These beauties remind me of Lake Powell and the swirls of different colored sand in the gorges left by rushing water. These would need to be kept together, perhaps strung on a hand forged sterling neck ring? What treasures! Her whole shop is wonderful but you can go to these directly here for $15.

Northern Lights Series

Ah, the depths! I love when a glass artist achieves this technique, where if you look too long it feels as if you are falling into the glass. Her color combinations are spectacular and her craftsmanship is perfect! She also creates jewelry from her lampwork that compliments the style of her glass beautifully. Available here for a very reasonable price of $18.

Baptism by Fire
Bejeweled Bead Tabs

Deep, rainbow colors, beautifully blended with a super glossy sheen. I think I would make the tabs into a bracelet with green jade, maybe clasped with a big sterling toggle clasp. Then take the little round ones and make complimenting earrings out of them. They're so beautiful!
A steal at $18, you can purchase them here.

Spring Leaves

So ethereal! I fell in love with everything in this sellers store, her sterling frames, her colorful glass, her embroidery! But these, I want to own these so badly! I think I would invest in some of Jamnglass's silk ribbons and choose contrasting colors for each leaf, maybe add some dyed freshwater pearls links around them? Look at those colors!!!! She has a couple of sets of these, this one is available here for $28.

Skyvalley Beads
Silvered Peacock

Isn't it gorgeous?!? She has quite a few of this style but this is my favorite. I see this as a focal point for a heavy sterling chain tassel, with a few mixed stones and pearls randomly linked through out. Leave me breathless......
Buy here for $17.50!

Raku Rustic Petites

Another seller I could have bought out the whole store with but these caught my eye because of the word rustic. I am so against the Victorian thing right now and struggling to stay true to the retro/mod stuff. I want to break out and go savage. Rustic. Natural. Organic. And these do the job for me! I would love to rivet them to a wide band of hammered sterling silver.
I really do not want to share this link but here it is anyway. They are way too expensive for you. (not really, at $27 they are a great price for investing in artisan beads)

Lori Lochner
Plum and Gold Necklace

Not loose beads to design with, but so perfectly suited to my mood and influence right now. It's delicious grouping of exotic fruit colors mixed with neutrals and a bit of teal green, complimented by the rustic copper and bronze components, all strung on to a felted necklace of red, fuchsia and aqua. Ohhhh, I want to touch it. Available here for $75. Be sure to check out her whole store, she has pieces for unique individuals that can appreciate the fusing of modern materials with a flare for the ancient.

I could keep going but blogger is having trouble uploading photos and I have been in my pjs, browsing for several hours. I still have work to do to be ready for tomorrows shipping.

Which is your favorite? Do you have a special glass artist to share with me?


  1. I agree. It is not only jewelry but also an art piece, nice beads bracelet and necklace.

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