Friday, August 14, 2009

Pinky goes to school

There she goes, armed with her High School Musical T-shirt and Hannah Montana backpack.

We have been counting down the weeks and days until Pinky goes to school. She loved her preschool and was so sad when she couldn't go back due to lack of money. Kindergarten seemed so far off at the beginning of the year but now it's here!

She has practiced the alphabet, learned how to write her name and counted daily to 30.

We role played what to do if another kid says mean things, what to do if we are angry, and completed many, many, many listening exercises.

We bought the new clothes, the Hannah Montana Backpack and lunch box, all the school supplies, then the school supplies for the other kids, visited the new school, met the teacher, went over the bus route and had a talk about bus safety.

She is ready. I thought I was ready.

It hit me about 10 this morning.

"Did someone lead her into the school?
Will she forget her backpack in the school assembly?
Did I write her name on everything?
Will someone help her tie her shoes?
How can she go the whole day with just one outfit?
Maybe I should have an extra outfit there for her?
Something pink and sparkly to make her smile.
What happens if she has a bad poopoo?
They probably don't have baby wipes in the bathroom.
I know she is going to eat her snack first then not have enough time to eat her sandwich.
What if her eye allergies bother her?
Please let her sit next to a nice kid with good parents.
Will she drink enough water?
How will she know which bus to get on?
Her bus driver didn't even say hi to her.
Are there any pedophiles in this city?
Maybe I should just wait in the car outside the school until she is done."

I have to go do some breathing exercises.


  1. Bless your heart! It's awful isn't it? Even though my 'baby' is 16, I still go through similar thoughts when he goes into something new and unfamiliar.

    Thinking of you ...

  2. I stumbled upon your blog through the Color Chameleon... and I have to comment on this post. I too, have a new schooler, and those were the EXACT same thoughts I had shortly after I dropped him off and watched him take off for the monkey bars. He takes a bus, so I sat at the end of the road 30 minutes prior to his coming home... and I anticipated all sorts of woes. After my tirade of all the pertinent questions like, "Did you wipe good"... he looked at me and smiled. His reply to me was just simply, "I had fun". I just sat back and smiled.

  3. Donna, thank you for visiting. Your words gave me comfort in my anxiety.
    They have no idea about dangers and I am glad, they should just "have fun"!

    I tried to follow your name to visit you at your blog but for some reason I couldn't.

    Nesie - thank you. Does it get any easier as they get older?

  4. Oh she can't possibly be a kindergartener! Time passes too quickly with children around. I hope it does get easier day by day -but probably not too much I imagine. That's why we pray ;) <3


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