Monday, September 28, 2009

288 photos to edit, Sooooo Let's have a give-a-way!

Ugh. This is something so necessary and so completely sleep inducing.
I've had tons of polymer clay blanks created for months but I had serious burn out from all the image techniques I use, I just let them sit there. I finally got my butt into gear, applied the images, coated them in resin and finally got them photographed. I am listing a few at a time.

There are a lot of new, different colors for me, not because I do not like them, I crave all sorts of colors, but because until recently most of the silhouettes I used looked best against pale colors.
I did a little experimenting and found some of the brown silk screen images looked fabulously warm and autumnal. (odd word, isn't it? Autumnal)

To make it worth your time, let's have a give-a-way!

Leave me a comment letting me know which piece is your favorite for fall and tell me your own favorite color combination. For example; I am loving this first piece 'Tree on Autumn Orange' (even though usually I hate black and orange), and my favorite color combination right now is purple and yellow. I know! How garish is that!?! The deep violet, purple paired with a mustard yellow. I can't get enough of it!

I'll leave this open for a week and use my Pinky to pick a name from a bowl from all those who left comments. Make sure I can reach you through your blog or email so I can personally let you know you've won.

Tree on Autumn Orange

Mr. Cheeper on Ivory Ring

Blue Green Daisy on Hazelnut

Red Branches on Ivory

Friends Everlasting (in brown) on Gold

Yellow Rose on Brown

Copper Flourish on Sea Green

Espresso Bird in Branches on Lavender

Do you want to know what you'll win? Your favorite from the above!
Thanks for playing and Happy Autumn!


  1. These are so great! My favourites are Mr Cheeper and Red Branches.

    My favourite colour combo is fuschia and black.

  2. Hello, I found you on the Daily Art Muse. It's difficult to choose a favorite, but I love Mr. Cheeper--so cute!

    Love your work!

  3. Oh, I forgot to let you know my favorite fall combo. I like earthy colors with an added punch of color like lime green or orange for fall.

  4. I LOVE the tree and the 2 birds, sooo cute :) Good luck with the photo editing :)

  5. Oh my gosh, there's too many good ones to choose from! But I think my favorite is the Espresso Bird on Branches in Lavender. And hey, purple and brown are one of my favorite color combinations!

  6. So lovely!!! I'm waiting for the hydrangea thingy!!!

  7. The red branches on ivory please!

  8. WOW I could not even tell these were Polymerclay. GOOD GOD WOMAN you are TALENTED!!!! I'm impressed, my clay stuff looks like...well playdoh LOL

    They are all gorgeous but my fave is the red branches on ivory. I love red, and that color/image combo is absolutely perfect IMHO.

  9. I'm with you, I like the Tree on Autumn Orange.

    My fave combination would have to be a nice rich purple with a dark forest green. I don't do different colours for different seasons.

  10. I love the tree. These are really fun, I can pretty much imagine each one with someone I know.

    Shannon, your jewlery is so amazing!!! (FYI, this is marissa, Angela's friend)

  11. Thank you for your comment on my blog. My english is not good, but I hope you do understand me.

    I also like your works and would like to know what your pendant is made of and how you have made them, I'am thinking of the proces and technique ect.
    I'am apprentice ad the goldsmith Andreas Exner in Denmark and therefore I'am very interested in technique.

    From your pendants I like the first one "Tree on Autumn Orange".

  12. I think I like the Orange tree one the best because of the warm color contrast. I think the same design would also look awesome using brown ink on the orange clay or on a soft lavender blue. I love all that you do, Shannon. You've got a great sense of style!

  13. Ooooh Pinky, pick me! pick me! :) My fave for fall is the Forever Friends brown on gold, very reminiscent of Fall and for some reason a haunting image to me. I don't have just 1 fave color combo ever it seems. Loving a bright teal and emerald or plum and bright lipstick red -also eat up the violet and mustard (very peacock-y)combo too! >> I also super love the copper flourish on sea green, also reminds me of a peacock, love that color combo.

    Oh, last thing, I promise: I love the crackle look of the espresso bird on lavender -is that a technique you used or a property of the paint/glaze/unsure of your artistic media lingo...? Beautiful, all beautiful.

  14. I have to admit I love the Yellow Rose on Brown piece and my favorite color combination is generally plum purple and burnt orange (which is a rare find).

    This is my second time on your blog...I'm a fan of your etsy stores and soon to be purchaser of your book. Great stuff missficklemedia!! - Alexis (pawfectionz)


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