Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hammered Sterling Silver Frames

These have been made since June!
When some money came in from the book, I started planning my next batch of hand forged jewelry pieces. I searched for unique stone focal points, searched for freshwater pearls that matched them, ordered the leather, calculated and purchased all the wire I would need to create the frames, clasps, and wrapping, measured out the wire for each focal stone, shaped each frame to its unique stone, soldered, hammered, and oxidized each sterling frame, sketched out designs for the one of a kind necklaces and sorted everything into baggies for easy finding.

And there they have sat!

So my goal, while business is slow, is to have each one of the 23 necklaces finished in 2 weeks. maybe I will get them listed by 2011. You all hold me accountable, okay?

An aside, I was able to access my former flickr account and I uploaded some of the pieces I will be listing soon to coincide with the Turning Leaves article for Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine winter edition. You can check those out on my blog side bar, along with my new Astore from Amazon. There's all sorts of items I like, including metal smith tools I personally use, music I listen to fanatically, and inspirational books to spark your creative muse!


  1. I can so relate! I have bins and bins of beads that need to be made into jewelry. I still haven't set up an Etsy store yet and I've got a million different things in the works.

    Like you though, many good things have been accomplished and neither of us should feel too guilty about the stuff we haven't got to yet!

    The AStore sounds interesting. Will have to look into that. (One more thing to put on the list!) :-)

  2. you're so cool! my stuff sits around mocking the hydrangea is marvelous - i am thinking one of those belong to me - let me know when you list them! my son picked one for me from a bush and said it was for the best mom in the world. i pressed between two cards in my wallet - it makes me smile when i look at it:)

  3. Sometimes I seem to have to let things sit for a bit. Its like I need to wait for more creative energy for a particular project, or something.

  4. Very excited to see some of these finished projects!!!


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