Friday, October 16, 2009

Recycled Sari Silk and Gemstone Jewelry

I'm trying really hard to follow the branding advise I am reading everywhere, so I have separated my eclectic and experimental work from the polymer and metal items I have with

I have several different lines going into this shop as I build my platform for the next book.
My current favorite is the Silk and Stone Wraps. I am using recycled sari silk combined with hand forged metal elements and gemstones in free form shapes. Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear your feedback!

The silk is very comfortable. Light weight and soft against your skin. I am fascinated by the luxurious feel and association the brightly colored silks have, but with the ragged edges. Perfect for my influences of savage design!

Look familiar? I gave a sneak peek in July!

Isn't the cleavage on my mannequin sexy? Don't be jealous, she isn't very smart and she has no skills what-so-ever. The neck cuffs are also very comfortable to wear. I tested my own while going about my daily routines, with the exception of soldering and hammering and found that once on, you do not even think about it. This is unusual for me as I can't stand anything on my body for an extended amount of time. Hair barrettes, bracelets, eye glasses, even make-up. But I liked this new style. Of course mine wasn't dripping into my cleavage......

It has been a crazy week. The kiddos have the flu. Both of them. Rex is rarely sick but he is in a bad way now; body aches, fever, racking cough, sore throat and terrible congestion. Pinky is the same only she was just diagnosed with a double ear infection. :(

Big Pappa can't hardly stand it. He is usually not here when the littles are sick. He has been pretty helpful though, helping me with the throw up on the sheets and the medicine dosing. He brought home new games for Rex and new art supplies for Pinky. The sucker. :)
They are such little troopers, keeping such a good attitude even when they feel awful. Rex heard Pinky crying in her bed last night and walked her to our room. His compassion makes me proud.

I hope everyone is staying healthy and flu free themselves. I know it's pretty widespread. One of our local schools closed due to 200 students and faculty being sick at one time. Sheesh! Times like these I do not mind that I am a homebody at all.


  1. I just love the bracelets and necklace! The recycled silk is beautiful. Do you do anything to keep it from fraying too much?

    I'm like you in that I don't like to wear watches, makeup, sunscreen, sunglasses, or even the jewelry I make (which is difficult since I really need to wear it to advertise my craft). I had to giggle when I read that you didn't like to have "anything" on your body for long periods of time and wondered if clothing was inluded in this list!

    I do hope your family gets well. Knock on wood but we have escaped the flu and other illnesses SO FAR.

  2. I like the combination of the ragged silk and the smoothness of the stones. Also really like that the necklace clasp in the front of the necklace - why shouldn't clasps be a integral, decorative parts of the overall design, right?
    Wish you all the best with your new shop! And hoping that your family is healthy SOON!

  3. Sorry to hear your family is sick. That always sucks.

    I am in love with your silk and copper wrapped jewelry! It's like you go into my brain and grab everything I like. Color, texture, copper wire, chunkiness, organic, arty and outside the box.

    You are an inspiring girl!

  4. Anne - Thank you!

    Alice - fray check works wonders on any fabric that frays. Thank you for your well wishes, hope you stay healthy!

  5. Wow Shannon!! You rock!! Is there nothing you cannot do, and do well? I don't think so!

    Man, oh, man. When it rains, it pours. I hate to hear your two are sick. It's bad enough with one, but a double dose of puny...I feel for you guys. And Rex. Boy, I'd be proud too. :)

  6. Love the new line - SO unique! And your mannequin analysis was hilarious.

  7. I LOVE them!!! I've been wanting to make something like this but it just doesn't look ANYTHING like yours (aka mine suck!)

    Thank you for my pendant too! I'm finally doing my blogpost now showing it off!


  8. Only stumbled upon these gorgeous bracelets today, they are just gorgeous! I love that you have used recycled silk. I am not sure if you are still selling your jewelry but they'd be great for Recycled Market

  9. It's beautiful, I love it! I love the rich colors and textures. The ragged edges and 'primitive' copper wrapping and finish. I love that 'savage' look. I can imagine that the silk is beautiful to wear against your skin. My skin is very sensitive and I won't wear anything that doesn't feel good... comfort before fashion any day! My wrists are especially sensitive, so most of the time I wear nothing on them. I would imagine this silk would feel wonderful though, something I could get into wearing. I was wondering with the bracelets, how do you adjust the size? I have skinny little wrists.


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