Thursday, November 19, 2009

My soul sister,

Nina Simone.
Mike introduced me to Nina when we first met. I was pretty much into anguished, 4 white male, grunge bands and yet when I heard her I was deeply moved. She made me feel deeply. I related to her heartbreak and her focus on the positive. My favorite song has been and remains, Sinnerman. It's poetry. (It's also 10 minutes long!)

I just recently looked up some of her music on youtube and was surprised there was such a selection. I was fascinated by this one, even though it has terrible sound quality, because she is so still during her performance. I mean, her face remains relatively expressionless, and even though she is banging away on the piano, her shoulders do not move much. Her voice, always so powerful and raw, conves unbridled emotion. So when I see how controlled she is during a live performance I gain even more admiration.

And then there is this one;

My kids and I yell this one in the car. Especially when summer comes. "Don't cha know?"

I rarely want other peoples gift. I am happy with the gifts I have been given, I value them and see them as necessary, but man, if only I could sing like Nina.


  1. Oh, Honey, I am SUCH a fan of Ms. Simone too! She is pure bliss in sound, nothing less! I have a boxed set of "The Best of..." and it's on heavy rotation!!

    BTW, your jewelry designs are beaauutiful!


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