Monday, November 30, 2009

Pendant Necklace Give-a-way -Angel Wing on a Heart

Leaf green mixed with a pinch of gold, a pinch of pistachio and a touch of mica for shimmer, created the most beautiful shade of forest green. The embossed patina-ted, copper graphic is a damask leaf by Leigh Hannan that I turned side-ways and angled to give the impression of an angel wing. The copper chain it comes assembled to is adjustable from 16 to 19" with wire-wrapped links and a lobster claw clasp.

This is about as Christmasy as I get with my work as the traditional Christmas colors just do not excite me.

Do you like it? Would you really like for me to ship it to you gift wrapped, all pretty like?

Okay, just leave me 1 ego boosting comment below (ie; "You're so awesome, Shannon" or "You fill such a void in my life, Shannon" or even "Shannon, I have such immense respect for you") and my Pinky will draw a name from the submissions in about 1 week.
Make sure I can reach you by a blog link or email.
See ya!

Sorry, I forgot to post the winner for this give-a-way! This piece went to DigitalMisfitGirl!
I will have another give-a-way at the end of January and it will be spectacular!


  1. Wow - I cam not knowing what to expect and find an awesome pendants! This is so cool. Good luck with the giveaway!

    I blog here on Blogger so you can contact me there via a comment or via my ArtFire shop where I am Whskr!

  2. I love the subtle ombre of the green heart.
    And I love the wing!
    And you know, the heart chakra is green, right? So if you wear a green heart over your heart, that's got to be good for it!

    I love your work. Now, I've got to think about who I need to still buy Christmas presents for!

  3. PS- I meant to say this is Bridget- @petsaretalking
    and I've followed you for awhile but never clicked through until now, and I'm just really sorry that I didn't see your work a long time ago, because it'd be gracing my neck right now.

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!! Love all your stuff. I would love to win it and it be gift wrapped!

    I have had the pleasure of using one of your tutorials. :)

    Take care,

  5. You are SO talented! Love shopping at your shops!! PICK ME PICK ME!!!

  6. Arrr me Shannon it be awesome! You are the loveliest Etsy wench (LOL). I'm talking pirate because I totally dig the pirate ship pendant that's similar to the hydrangea flower that I got. I'd like to see if you can "man" up a ship one for my little boy...I think he'd love it:) Don't pick me though - pick someone who hasn't had the excitement of having one of your pieces yet!!!!

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  8. This pendant is beautiful.
    I like you other work a lot too!

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  10. All of you jewelry is so beautiful, and this is definitely no exception.
    Your polymer clay work reminds me of the gorgeous copper enamel work of years gone by - but with a modern design flair.


  11. You're my role model as a crafty business woman!



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