Sunday, December 6, 2009

Scalloped Setting Rings are back!

Super Mod Bird on Celadon.

Yay! I found a supplier who had the scalloped settings in stock! You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to keep these in my store. I had a whole handful of the cabs made with resin set and everything but could not for the life of me find the settings, so I was extremely happy to happen upon someone who had them, all I had to do was order them, epoxy the cabs in the settings, photograph and Viola! I have 20 something rings to list for this holiday season! I say again; Yay!

Verdigris Tree on Black

Plum Blossoms on Dusty Lavender.

Sprouts on Aqua.

Tree Top on Terra Green.

You can purchase these rings here.
I really hope to keep them in stock, the settings from China were not as durable or as charming and they took forever to get here. This setting is a nice solid, silver plated ring with an open, adjustable back that stays on your finger and doesn't pinch.

We are decorating for Christmas today. A lot of our Christmas decorations are getting worn out. Thankfully when they are wrapped in several strands of twinkling lights, they still exude Christmas magic. I put up the roof lights this year but they do not work. That sucked. I tested them first and everything.

Mr. Lovey has been very sick and unable to do much. He lost 7 lbs last week and his lovey's (the lovehandles he is nicknamed for) are just about gone. :( We are not sure if the Aplastic Anema is rearing its ugly head or if it could be something simpler like a virus. He has been to the Dr and to the emergency room but they couldn't help him. He has to go to his oncologist. The worst part are the blisters in his throat, it keeps him from eating just about everything. Would you believe his job fired him? Talk about kicking a man when he is down. Citibank and all their stupid faux supervisors suck. He called in everyday and somehow the messages were not relayed to the correct people and he was terminated for not calling in. How messed up is that?
He drags himself out of bed, his eyes a scary fire red, jaundiced, hardly able to talk and shows them the Dr. note, the emergency room report, the powerful pain medication prescriptions, antibiotics and THE PHONE RECORDS THAT SHOW HE NOT ONLY CALLED BUT THE PHONE CALLS WERE RECEIVED BY CITIBANK EMPLOYEES. They said there was a misunderstanding but it's too late to do anything about it now. Can you believe that? All the humanitary good deeds they do in the name of their business and then they fire a man 2 weeks before Christmas for an admitted misunderstanding. I hate them. Hypocrites. If we were different people we would sue.

Okay, that was a rant, sorry you read through that, but it has to come out somewhere and it's my flippin blog after all.

Focus on the Joy of Christmas, Shannon.
Focus on the Joy of Christmas.
Focus on the Joy of Christmas.
Focus on the Joy of Christmas.


  1. aww man. Sorry to hear all that!! I hope you can focus on the joy of Christmas and being together, and focus on getting Mr. Lovey back to one solid Lovey-sporting hubby! xox

  2. I'm so sorry Shannon. Hopefully something positive comes out of this...I'll be praying for a solution.

  3. Thank you both for your thoughts and prayers! Mike is doing much better.


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