Friday, January 8, 2010

I actually said I was taking a few days off....

Since Mon. I have painted fingernails 4 times, put colored stripes in hair 3 times, braided said colored hair twice, watched 18 shows of Sponge Bob, printed and colored 6 color yourself pages of The Backyardigans, attended 2 tea parties, helped zip and button 100 clothing changes, made 2 paper lanterns, used 1 roll of scotch tape to hang up Art and took part in an expressive piece of performance art that demonstrated night to day with paper cut outs. Did I say I was taking time off of work? Did I actually post that? Good God, I am exhausted!

p.s. She is feeling much better after 3 days of a really high fever.


  1. Poor Pinky. Poor you!!

    Glad she's feeling better. She's got one terrific mom!


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