Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It has been foggy for a week now....

But I had a few pictures taken from a few months ago of the new patinated components I have been working on. There is a ton so I will just post a few pics at a time. The above are my favorites even though I should be concentrating on PINK. and RED. I'm just not feeling it right now. Darn these creative impulses! Why can't they sync up with the retail calender?

You can mix custom colors with patina's and heat apply them for a really intense shade. It isn't a paint, it is actually bonded with the metal, isn't that exciting? There is even violet! A deep purple that sometimes has a greenish tint to it, I'll show some bangles later but here are some violet Paris Tags;

And here are some earrings I can't stop making using forged, patinated hoops;

What do ya think? Like em? Love em? Want to make some? I will list some more components when the sun shows up but don't hesitate to ask for your own colors! The bracelets below use lamp worked glass discs from Blue Seraphim.


  1. Es muy bonito todo y sobre todo original, diferente.

  2. love em! I love all of your work, it's very cool! I think the bracelets with the lampwork discs are my favorite!

  3. Thank you, Sara!

    Lorelei, aren't they funky? I am riveting the discs onto ring bands now but the bracelets will be in the book.

  4. Lovely work!! I am looking forward to more! I found you on the lovely Lorelei's blog. Gotta love that girl :)

    Hope you check me out too


  5. You have been given the Sunshine Blog Award for all the inspiration you give us :)

  6. I found you on Lorelei's blog too. Wonderful patinas any tutorials in the future?

  7. yes, a tut would be great!
    do you use a propane torch or can you use a butane torch?

    nice pieces and - yes - saw BAJ with your cover work - congrats!

  8. Thank you, Marie (I love your blog!) and Tonja! I so needed sunshine AND an award.

    Gardanne and Sandi, thank you for asking! I will put something together soon, cause this stuff is fun to play with!

  9. ooo those earrings are gorgeous! Hello Missficklemedia, it's been awhile! I must check out your shop. Have a wonderful day!


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