Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Humbled by Humble Beads

If I wasn't married, I would marry Heather Powers of Humble Beads. Not just because she is a lovely soul but because this woman can take care of business. Things would get done in the Powers Manor.
She is an artist.
She is a coordinator.
She is published.
She is an editor.
She is a business woman.
She is educated.
 She is inspiring, warm, encouraging and supportive.
And I recently had the honor of trading goods with her.
It was a match made in heaven.
I paired her Dandelion focal bead with a section of hand forged, patina-ted chain and antique brass.
I was pleased they complimented each so well!

But it kinda made me hungry for more of her beads.
Like this one; Golden Branches.
 (Perfect with saffron chain!
And this Dogwood;
(I would combine it with rhodonite and chestnut links.)
And I am wanting one of her new toggles;
Isn't it gorgeous!?!

This world needs more people like Heather Powers.

(all photos property of Heather Powers)


  1. i agree!! 100%!!

    I too have been indulging in humblebeads lately. did you see her newest beads!? they are super!
    and of course, I had to get one of the new fox beads. Mr. Fox. He's dashing.

  2. Certainly an accomplished woman and she makes great beads too :-)
    Us women are fab arnt we :-) don't forget you too have many of those qualities, consider the things you do each day.

  3. luscious! love the toggle! and the simple design with the dandelion bead is just right. with focals like that, less is more. love your hand forged rings on that piece.

  4. So true!
    There is no end to the creative inspiration that Miss Heather provides, her constant support, her incredible business wiles. I have a "GAH!" moment every time she dispatches new beads. And you are right. They work perfectly with your wares too! Now I know I need to order something from you to pair with my newest acquisitions!
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Ooh thank you for sharing. I was not aware of Humble Beads and they are amazing. Happy creating...

  6. I was lucky enough to grab one of those new toggles on Etsy. It came in the mail the other day and it is MINE! ALL MINE! It's gorgeous. I need more.

  7. and you - wonderful... she is an admirable woman - and with all of those accomplishments is a mom as well... this is something i struggle with balancing and my plate isn't fractionally as full as hers! your piece is gorgeous...

  8. I'm so thankful to be part of such a caring and creative community. Thank you for such sweet words Shannon. I may have to come back and visit this post when I'm felling less than stellar.

    And Maire, it's a struggle for me too as a working mom. We all just do the best we can.

    And Shannon our beads and findings ARE a match made in heaven!

  9. She is pretty awesome, isn't she?

  10. I love Heather's beads, I have many of her beads but I horde them all! I love to look at them, she's an amazing artist.

  11. I must agree her beads are fabulous and the blogging gods have given me the opportunity to get a chance to use some of her beads by letting me win one of her giveaways.

    I only wish the wallet gods could be so generous then I could properly indulge myself in collecting artbeads.

  12. I agree as well! Heather Powers is truly amazing. I just saw her new toggles today when I read her newsletter...and they are so beautiful as is the rest of her collection!

  13. I love this post! Not only have you guys made a great pair, but I agree about Heather. She has been one of the biggest inspirations for me to grow into this art bead blog world and I love it!

  14. I understand your love affair with Heather's work Shannon! There is something about her beads, jewelry and photos that is just so inspiring it makes you want to sit down and create. I feel the same when I look at you work. Your metal work is the perfect marriage for her beads. It IS a match made in Heaven!

  15. Those are gorgeous, I love that first bracelet. Black iron seems to be making a comeback in wire jewelry!


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