Thursday, April 1, 2010

I make da links for da people

You gotta love em. They are there for you in jewelry design, you know?
I shouldn't be here on the computer. I have stuff to do. Things to accomplish. Check marks to make on my list of To Do's.
I'm really excited about a collaboration with a millinery artist and my brain is focused heavily on things found on the forest floor. How to translate that into metal and then make them safe to pierce through fabrics.
It makes it hard to focus on packaging and shipping.
I am about to add new items to the etsy shop. But I am hung up on names for them.
I believe in the power of google keywords. I know I should name the item exactly what it is;
Etched Brass Washer with Green Patina .
But what I really want to do is name them some kind of association word or phrase.
Here are some words I am mediating on;
Iron Bound
Did you know saturate means charge and wet?
That's kinda sexy.
But maybe I should leave sexy in the bedroom and keep my components appropriate for the public. 
Burnt Offering. That's kinda dark.
Anyway, I'm open to a little brain storming.
What words inspire you?
That's a good one.


  1. I love naming!
    Your words are fantastic.
    How about "Alluvium" (from the Latin, alluvius, from alluere, "to wash against") - that just sounds fun to say!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. I think the green ones look like old pennies...

  3. I like "solipsistic." Which has nothing to do with your gorgeous metal's just fun to say :-)

  4. The German "Waldgeist" came to my mind when I looked at the green ones. I think "Ghillie Dhu" would be a translation. A faerie, a guardian spirit of the trees. He is kind to children, but generally wild and shy...

    regards Stefanie

  5. These are gorgeous! Copper Kettle, Seahorse Loot, Fire of Ambrosia! Too much?

  6. I'm never going to use the word saturate in innocent terms ever again.

    The red discs remind me of mermaid armour-scales, probably just the way they're laid out but if you sewed them onto something like that you'd get some neat gauntlets or something.

    The green ones remind me of murky chemical pools, or space-view planet surfaces- maybe you could name the different coloured discs after all the planets? Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn etc have always had strong colour associations to me.

  7. These are awesome! But I thought your suggestions would make it easier, now I just have to go create things that convey the impression of your words!

    Silver Parrot - I have to go look that one up....

  8. they look so old, they make me think of Geological Time. Pleistocene. Cretaceous. Precambrian!!! Like ancient fossils. Archaeopteryx bone. iron age, bronze age...

  9. I just want to say they all look like they should be MINE!

  10. Oooooo!! I'm going to have to check these out!! They're all so great!

    You really are so talented. You have more talent in your little finger than most people have in a lifetime! I adore that about you! :)

    I'm not good with names....


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