Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What I have been working on....

Because the patina process takes a while, I like to have several pieces cleaned, sanded and ready to heat. It is such a fun technique, once you get going it's hard to stop. I find myself grabbing all sorts of things to put in the torch flame and splash patina all over.

This bezel was found in the couch. I am not even kidding. I set myself up with my little lap desk, the printed image sheets, scissors, and the bezels and cut and cut and cut and evidently lost count of how many bezels I had, because this one was discovered during an infrequent cleaning session.

Some of these are going Miss.Lorelei. I like what she does with earthy colors. She's my earth mama.
I am still working on different shades, I have in mind a deep forest green but haven't mixed the right solution yet.

I am really pleased with these. Saffron. I like the links that have a bit of metal showing through. I think they work well as earring components but someone really clever could create fabulous necklaces with them too. 
I have created a few patina clasps....

I might keep this one as it looks fantastic paired with rusty orange and ocean blue.
These are my black and blue beauties;

And toggles for Miss.Penny;

Hers are a secret though. Specially made just for her. :)

It is a good thing I had a lot of pre-forged stuff.
As I was working on a custom design, a bit of metal flew off the soldering block and slid under this heavy wood box on top of my work bench that my husband made for me. Its lid, designed to stay open with a hook overhead, was loosened by my lifting up the corner. As I am lifting, I think to myself; "The lid will come down and crush your arm, Shannon". And then, almost in slow motion, as if time was waiting for my body impulse to catch up with my brilliant deduction, the lid came loose and slammed down on my arm. My right arm. The arm that has the muscle and techniques down subconsciously. Once my whimpering subsided, I thought "Well, I needed to take it easy anyway." Why the hell I think I can keep up with shipping every other day when I am hand forging things is just stupid.
Anyway, I am almost healed and will be able to start hammering again soon.


  1. Such great colors...I love everything!

  2. Oooh sorry to hear about that little snafu. I hope your arm heals quickly!!
    Love all of the new stuff! the clasps are SUPER!! and that colored chain. wow. i am in loooove.

  3. so very sorry to hear about your accident... take care of yourself... funny, i was just wondering how you keep up the production pace that you do... and your work - just gorgeous... the colors, the shapes, the designs, the execution... one very talented lady you are! and great on the bonus bezel!!

  4. Great things! It's funny isn't it when you can see it happening but there's just nothing you can do to stop it. Hope the arm heals up soon.

  5. Take it easy on that arm so you can create more gorgeous patina!

  6. Secrets, huh? I like secrets. :D

    I also like those black/blue clasps! In fact I think I love them! I'm always looking for stuff with that finish, so hard to get. That bezel is making eyes at me too.

    But ouch your arm! D: I'm not that easily dissuaded, I'd prolly just learn to forge with my other arm! Take it easy on yourself, at least you're not trying to forge and ship at the same time!

  7. Hope your arm gets better soon! Love the new stuff...the chain is absolutley GORGEOUS!

  8. i'm loving the saffron rings and chain!!! so sorry to hear about your arm - OUCH:( it's time to wake up and smell the glue...errrr....make something!

  9. So sorry to hear of your unfortunate accident, hope its feeling much better.

    I loved all those metal pieces, your creativity is beautiful.


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