Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Sunrises

With Mike at the shipping table and the kids happily immersed in summer activities, I have found a glorious amount of time to forge and patina a huge batch of metals!
This one is called Sunrise.
Inspired by the yellow glow that glimmers through a soft blue sky at first morning.

What would look awesome dangling in the middle and strung along the chain?

Can you see it?

What if we wove this with the chain?

Oh yesssssss.
I can see it clearly now.

Sunrise Textured Chain. 

So here's to soft sunrises this summer, may all your mornings be glorious!


  1. Oh yes I sure can see it. Gorgeous gorgeous patina. Love the chain:)

  2. beautiful... very warm and calming - your mastery of color, texture and materials make that seem effortless... pretty incredible...

  3. Yes Yes Yes!!!! I LOVE all those elements, the finished piece would be gorgeous.


  4. My bank account is BEGGING you to stop coming up with stuff I don't already have and MUST own immediately. Seriously. You're killing me...

  5. The patina colours you achieve are absolutely incredible!

  6. That patina is GORGEOUS and oh yeah I can totally see that finished necklace. You've got wicked nice style, lady!


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