Saturday, July 3, 2010

And now it's Rex's turn.

Today is the day we celebrate Rex turning 10.
He is now a double digit as he likes to remind me often.

To be a mama to Rex is to think that children respond to logical explanations. I seriously thought this until we had Pinky, that if you just took the time to explain something to a child that he would understand and obey.
While Pinky proved me wrong, Rex still has the innate ability to listen, understand and follow through. He is an extraordinary person with a heart of pure gold.
Honest. Forthright. Caring. 
He brings me flower arrangements like the one shown above because he recognizes a stamp I use in the Queen Anne's Lace. Special rocks cause we have a special rock collection. Thistles because I love the color purple.

He is my heart walking around the outside of my body. My freedom. My hope in the future.

He wanted to do an interview like Pinky's this year.
So this is Rex.

S - What is your name?
R - Christian James LeVart
S - What do you like to be called?
R - Rex
S - Why?
R - Cause it's cool.
S-  A cool boy deserves a cool name.
S - What is your favorite color?
R - Bright green
S - Why?
R - Cause it comes out like a light.
S - Sweet! What is your favorite drink?
R - A Shirley Temple.
S - What's in a shirley temple?
R - Cherries and 7 - up.
S- Delicious. What is your favorite movie?
R - Giratina and the Sky Warrior.
S - Why is this your favorite movie?
R - It has some of my favorite pokemon in it.
S - Ah.Which are?
R - Giratina, Shamen and Sheildon
S - Shamen like an Indian Doctor?
R- No, Shaymin.(he corrects my spelling) His power is serene grace.
S - I'll take some of that. What's your favorite song?
R - "I'm a be" by the Black Eyed Peas.
S- I haven't heard this one.Why that song?
R - Cause it's a mix of pop and hip hop.
S- What's pop?
R - A style of music.
S -  What's your favorite food?
R - Gooey butter cake.
S- Booey Butter Cake. Heehee. (I still call him his first nickname which is Boo) No, I mean real food?
R - Pizza
S - What's your favorite thing to do?
R - Play pokemon
S - I find it unusual that you went from like 6 months of straight Halo to pokemon.
R - I finished Halo.
S - But your 9. You can't finish a $60 game that soon.
R - I'm 10 now.
S- But you weren't 10 when you finished Halo. Who is your favorite person?
R - Can I have 2?
S- Sure.
R - You and Dad.
S- Really? Even though you have really cool friends now?
R - Uh huh.
S- (sniffle, grin) Is there any thing else you want to tell me about yourself?
R - My favorite animal is the red panda.
S- That would be Jerry you adopted from the zoo?
  R- You spelled 'from' wrong. And yes! Jerry from the zoo.
S- What plans do you have for the next year?
R - I want to adopt another guinea pig.
S- What would you name him?
R - It would be a her and she would be named Creamy.
S-  To go along with Powder and Donut?
R - I want to breed Donut.
S - Uh. I don't. I don't know. 2 Guinea pigs are kinda costly and time consuming.
R - I'll get a job at McDonalds.
S - McDonalds is from the devil.
R - Then why do you go there all the time?
S - Who's asking the questions here, Mister?
R - Thanks for your help with the guineas.
S - You know I love them. I will help you with more guinea pigs when you are older, okay?
S - Besides we want to help find unwanted guinea pigs new homes, not just add to the already large amount of guinea pigs being bred. Right?
R - But babies are so cute!
S - What do you want for your Birthday.
R - Leaf green or Fire red.
S- Pokemon games?
R - Yes!
S - I got you a math work book instead.
R - Are you serious?
S - No. (laughing at his facial expression) I got you a pink tutu.
R - MOM!!!

This is Shymin. He wanted me to show you how cute he was.

I love you, Boo/Rex/Christian. Please don't ever change.


  1. omg, tears of laughter. I love these little interviews with the kids. toooooo cute!!

  2. that was so sweet! reminds me of my grandson, who is also 10!your kids are adorable!

  3. these are wonderful - and you have them forever now! what charming, wonderful kids you have - such a surprise coming from such an obviously rotten, horrid mother! :P
    seriously, these interviews move me... kids have a lot to say, but we don't always know what is at the core of what they care about... he is so sweet... and while he will go through phases - he is genuine and i would bet just about anything that he is going to be like this as a grown-up... just maybe not playing pokemon...

  4. Happy 10th Birthday Rex! Have a great birthday!

  5. Happy, happy birthday, Rex! You sure are lucky to have such a cool Mom!

  6. Too are so honest. He is such a sweetie, sounds like my Nick when he was little..he LOVED Pokemon too! Please tell Rex I said Happy Birthday!

  7. I love these interviews--I wish I had done that when my kids were young. They have so much to say.

  8. They are ever so precious! Wish we could bottle that wonder and awe they carry! Your children are just lovely Shannon.

  9. Oh I have been a bit absent from blog reading, so I missed wishing you a lovely birthday Rex. I know your mom and dad must have made it an extremely fabulous day for you.

    Loved your interview, keep being sweet and thoughtful in the years ahead.

    And you are right that is cute pokemon.

  10. I love Rex. xoxoxox!!!

    we like Pokemon here too and get old Pokemon cards on Ebay. One of my kids collects them. If he doesn't choose the cards himself however, he is not interested!

    Happy Birthday, Rex!

    your Mom's pal, jean

  11. Rex is so awesome. He could keep me entertained for hours. I love his answers, the both of you are funny together. More Rex, more Rex, more Rex! hahaa :D

  12. That is the cutest thing ever!


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