Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Miss.Pinkerton Turns 6

Today is Pinky's 6th  Birthday.
We celebrated on Sunday for convenience and to give us a bit of time between her and Rex's birthday on July 3rd. After changing her mind a few times she decided on a pool party (yay. I LOVE to wear swimsuits in public. Really.) and we sent out the invites.
She had a blasty blast.
She is so proud of the fact that she held her breath under water for 10 seconds.
I'm proud of the fact that I remembered to coat everyone in SPF 100.

This is Pinky with her best friend Jamiah. Pinky LOVES Jamiah. They hug when they see each other and they are crazy little girls together. 

Each year I interview the kiddos and compare with last years answers. I wanted to go with video this year because to hear Pinky is to fall in love with Pinky. She has such a way about her that you find yourself with the biggest, goofiest smile stretching from ear to ear. But alas, I am stumped when it comes to formatting video for the blog.

S - What is your name?
P - Makayla Pinky Levart Joy.
S- That's a bit scrambled, Dear.
P- Pinky is my Love name.
S- Alright. What is your favorite color?
P - You know this, Mom.
S - Just checking. Last year you said all different colors.
P- Well, I love Purple with orange and red and silver.
S - But it's still pink that captures your attention?
P - YES!!!!
S-  What is your favorite drink?
P - What's that thick drink?
S - Thick?
P - With the fruit?
S - Smoothies!
P - Yes! Strawberry smoothies!
S - You're a strawberry smoothie.
P - I know, I'm delicious.
S - (Laughing)
S- What's your favorite movie?
P - Hannah Montana
S - Yeah, that's a good one.
S - What's your favorite thing to do?
P - Hang out with you.
S - (I swallow a lump in my throat) I'm a very blessed Mama to have a daughter like you to hang with.
We are homies. BFF's.
P - Best Girlfriends!
(we do our special hand shake)
S - What's your favorite song?
P - Telephone by Lady GaGa
S - Oh.
 P - Don't you like it?
S - No, it doesn't have any subsistence. 
P - What does subs-tit-mence mean?
S - Subsistence means it's real. Lady Gaga's songs aren't about anything real.
P -  Phones are real.
S - Um, yeah, you got me there.
S - Where is your favorite place to go?
P - The beach!
S - Yeah! Me, too! What do you like about the beach? 
P - All the sand and we got to swim as much as we wanted and I liked looking for shells with you.
S - I like watching the rain clouds in the distance and building sand castles.
P - Ask me something else.
S - Right, enough about me. What do you want for your birthday?
P - Drums and a water holder.
S - (oh crap.) Are you talking about the Hello Kitty water dispenser you saw when you were 4?
P - Yes!
S - Why do you want a water dispenser?
P - So I can get myself water and see Hello Kitty.
S - Okay, sorry I couldn't get those.
P - (this is exactly how she talks, I'm not exaggerating at all.)  
Oh, that's fine. A mama can only do what a mama can do.
S - (half crying, half laughing) Thank you for your understanding. I'll try to get you drums and a water dispenser soon. You'll be thirsty after playing the drums.
P - I'm going to dance and sing AND play the drums so I will be very thirsty!
(She then demonstrates this miraculous one woman show for me and I sit back and pray time freezes.) 

Happy Birthday, Miss.Pinkerton! You are pure magic.



  1. Happy Birthday Miss Pink. Won't be long before the big 7 rolls around. (who knows where the time goes)

  2. This girl is so cute, I can't believe it. Well done mama. I love the interview part. Will actually do this too once she gets old enough to talk. Thanks for that piece of joy.

  3. Have a wonderful day! Enjoyed your conversation with Miss Pinky, wish her a very Happy Birthday! Drums!?! do not forget the earplugs.

  4. oh man, this was too funny! hahahaha!!!
    You HAVE to figure out the video option on blogger, it's really easy. I can help you if you want!

  5. Aw isnt she just a treasure! What a wonderous little gem to have around popping out with all kinds of everythings! Happy Birthday Pinky!

  6. Happy 6th Birthday Miss.Pinkerton! Have a wonderful day!

  7. Happy Birthday, Miss Pink! I am having a little tear in m eye. What a dear sweet girl and what lucky parents you are.

  8. What a lovely little girl you have, my baby will be turning 5 tomorrow and I am filled with both joy and saddness.

    Great idea to do birthday interviews.

    Our kids are certainly our blessings and you and your hubby are doing a grand job with yours. Wishing your family lots more years of birthday joys.

    Happy Birthday Pinky, heres wishing you many more years of dancing, drumming and drinking strawberry smoothies.

    (Shannon if you have recieved two comments from me its because I think the 1st was eaten up in cyberspace, due to my broadband being dropped suddenly, feel free to delete one if you wish).

  9. What a sweetie, don't blink my sweetie will be 16 this summer. Its so great you notice all the little moments.

  10. i am speechless with a big lump in my throat... xo

  11. It sounds like Miss Pinky has the best mom in the world!

  12. Oh my gosh, so precious!
    I have two daughters and they are growing up so quickly. Tweens and teens, it's hard to get used to. Enjoy each moment, they fly by.

  13. This is lovely, you are lovely, you are both a couple of delicious smooooothies!Happy Birthday to Pinky!!!



  14. Aw, such a sweet post! Happy Birthday to Pinky! I have a little one turning 6 this summer too! I love the interview idea as well.

  15. Happy Birthday, Pinky! I can see you have a ton of fun wherever you go with your BFF and Mom!


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