Thursday, September 2, 2010

Missficklemedia Loves Summers Studio

Oh yes, I do!
First of all, her little owl is a friend to me. He is there on the work desk, with his beautiful blue tummy and soft brown feathers, listening to me all the time. He has become one of those beads that I hoard, too special to actually put into jewelry, just perfect as he is, sitting in his nest of chain on a bronze clay branch that LeAnn has also created.

But check out her birds!
I used this one with some Kambaba jasper, it has streaks of the same beige color as her bird. I really enjoy her sculpting skills, she has a wonderful gift of creating something life like without too much detail.
Here is a Mossy Bird hanging from verde brass chain. This little fella belongs to Janet of Singing Woods now!
LeAnn is much like me, experimenting with different medias. But I love how all of her items look like they came from the woods. She is now offering botanical themed etched copper and brass pendants in addition to her line of ceramic beads, pendants and buttons.
I have my eye on this Dandelion piece!

Please visit LeAnn at her etsy shop and her blog. (When are you bringing back that purpley glaze you have featured in your shop banner, LeAnn?) 
In addition, keep an eye out for an interview LeAnn promised me for Art Bead Scene blog!


  1. Gorgeous! You and LeAnn make a great pair! Especially love your neckchain with LeAnn's owl ... that aqua and brown is a beautiful combination.

  2. Oh I can so see it now! Pairing her stunning beads with your awesome links and some of my beads! HEAVEN!!!!!!!


  3. Oh, I just love when my little birds find such gorgeous homes! Thank you!!!! And that purple glaze will most likely come back soon now that the weather is starting to cool off. I think of it as autumn and I'm just funny that way.

  4. Great pairing - I love the result of your combined treasures:-)

  5. I think it is safe to say we all have a girl crush on LeAnn. I love how you showcased her beauties with your wonderful chain.

  6. I thought the old was a frog at first! b/c of his round blue tummy. these do go perfectly w/your beautiful chains.

  7. What a lovely owl and that branch! I am Green with envy! Yeaaa Love love love the necklace I bought from you! Summers beads are so to want for. Ive got one and not sure yet where she will go. Thank you for Me on your blog too!
    Shannon Ive got a my first Giveaway ever Ive posted..really excited!

  8. I knew that it was Summers Studio! Yikes! But you two are a wickedly clever pair. I love what you have done for her pieces. Your components are like jelly to everyone's peanut butter, Shannon. So yummy together.
    Enjoy the day!

  9. Oooh, the owl nestled into the chain with the branch is a winner! I never saw that branch!! Gotta have one - I just rec'd 3 owls of 3 different colors. Those little creatures love new homes. Your beautiful chain just works so well with the bird. Nothing else is really needed!

  10. I agree 100%!!! I love LeAnn's work as well and have hoarded my little owl. Your necklaces with her owl and bird charms are beautiful.

  11. I love LeAnn's work too - I have a few of her birds and a wee owl man too! They are lovely just to touch and hold. You guys are a match made in heaven!


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