Friday, September 3, 2010

September Blues with Fold Formed Leaves

I have had a batch of fold-formed leaves sitting on the patina table, waiting patiently for me to take the time and listen to the color they wanted to be.
My melancholy won over and I dipped them in chestnut brown and then washed them with indigo, touched with violet and another layer of indigo.

I love the results. 
They so perfectly complimented the midnight blue coin pearls, it was as if the necklace made itself. 
What's that? YOU want a September Blue leaf?
Why, look at that! I have a one for you!

But you have to act quickly, Holiday orders are starting to come in and I may not have time this year to hammer out another batch!


  1. Oh my gawd...that is STUNNING! The copper goes so so well with the indigo and the midnight blue...what a perfectly beautiful necklace!

  2. these are gorgeous..
    perfect for fall.

  3. SO gorgeous! I love what you've done with these leaves, you are a true artist Shannon :-)

  4. Love, love, love the leaves. The patina is mouthwatering. Gorgeous!

  5. Gorgeous! I love the patina and their lovely shape!

  6. O.M.G.! In this case, I mean, "OH, Magnificently
    Gorgeous! You are good, really good, at what you do. No one else could even come close, just awesome, as always. While I'm deciding what I want, you bring out something else!! But don't stop! The colors just speak to the soul :)

  7. these are beautiful - and the colors that you put together are fabulous...

  8. Oh Shannon. You are torturing me with all your wonderful items. HOW shall I do to NOT buy one of those leaves. They are absolutely wonderful, and I wanna use them in my jewellery. HAVE TO! I guess another new order from me will arrive sooner than later ...


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