Thursday, October 14, 2010

Missficklemedia Loves EB Beads and Metal Works

A close knit mama and girl team; Beth and Evie.
Humble. Down to Earth.
Check out their shop really fast, they have sawed and enameled pendants priced at $12!!!!

This is what I was able to splurge on from EB Bead and Metal;

It is the most perfect little bowl in blended shades of burgundy red, emerald green and a touch of dark purple.
It is such a treasure to me, I move it around and put different things in it.
Like beads.

I picked a really good time to post about Beth and Evie because right now on their own blog, they are having a give-away celebrating their 200th blog post!
It is the most beautiful blue and yellow bowl! (that would look perfect in my living room.)

Okay, I am so happy to share these 2 special woman with you and I hope you have enjoyed their work as much as I have. As someone who can barely saw a leaf out of a sheet of soft copper, the detail they go into for their designs is nothing short of fabulous.
Thank you both for sharing your talents! 


  1. I couldn't agree more~ Beth and Evie are amazingly talented. I own 2 of their pieces and I wouldn't take a grazillion dollars for either of 'em!

  2. I love them, too! I'm very excited because they're next month's Cup of Bead Soup contributors! SQUEEEE!

  3. Gorgeous things, thanks for sharing :)

  4. I've got them on my list. Their things are divine. It would be so hard to choose. Me, I think I would just spend the next eon rearranging pieces in the piece you have.

  5. Shannon you be the bomb, I am blushing over here (at work right now drinking coffee and going through blogs). I am going to have to send the link to mom and share with her your love of our stuff. You, and so many others, are the reason we keep doing this, and of course the love we have for sawing, making beads, and creating our enameled bowls and jewelry!
    Thanks Shannon,
    Beth and Evie

  6. Oh Jealous beyond words I am hoping to get some of their delishousness soon! Ah the blue and yellow bowl is for MY kitchen....Sorry LOL

  7. No...I'm winning the bowl, LOL! Thank you for introducing me to this fabulous shop!

  8. Thanks Shannon for sharing. What beautiful pieces.

  9. I'm off to check these two out...thank you so much!

  10. Thanks to you, I got myself the perfect maple leaf for Evie and Beth. Thank you!


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