Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Art Beads at Lima Beads

This time I did not have to crawl out from under my rock of anti-social behavior to discover something really cool, someone shoved a neat little bit of news in.
Art Beads by Humblebeads, Jangles, C-Koop and Green Girl Studios are completely shop-able at Lima Beads!
Ah! They're beautiful!
What I didn't know was Lima Beads has this really cool site feature where you can choose things to put into a collection called Fresh Picks.
This is even better then filling up shopping cart after shopping cart on my favorite bead sites as if I was going to actually buy them all but then I do not.
And what is even waaaaay cooler? Heather Powers is going to randomly draw a fresh pick collection from the comments at Art Bead Scene this Friday and they will win a grab bag of art beads from all the artists!
This is so exciting!!!!
So go put together your Fresh Pick and leave a comment here; Art Bead Scene with a link to your fresh pick. You could win.


  1. This is a fantastic feature over at Lima Beads and I finally tried my hand with it after reading the recent ABS post - it was so cool to see all of my choices grouped together in a pretty little collage!

  2. i love the fresh picks at lima but never attempted to make one myself... may just have to go and do that!

  3. I wish that Etsy would make Treasuries this easy to make and share! I loved doing it. Let's get those MissFickle components up there! Enjoy the day, Miss Shannon!

  4. This is so fun to do! I already posted my link with Cindy. I have my fingers crossed!


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