Monday, October 11, 2010

A Peek into the Printers Drawer!

Carved wood. 
Another obsession of mine. I love it when it is imperfect and stained dark.
Like the carved wood flowers above from mintdetash that I purchased a loooong time ago and only now gave myself permission to use.
I am enjoying them paired with saffron yellow but I sent off the bracelet and necklace before I thought to take a picture!
I am searching for more and found these lovely carved wood beads;
I bet they could be stained.
Here are some rectangles I like also;
These can be purchased through Jewelry Beads and Findings.
And these little carved cubes from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.

I'm kinda surprised I didn't find more. I searched "carved wood bead" and then "Indian carved wood bead" to find a more exotic carving but I didn't find much.
Ummmmmm, I wonder how hard it is to carve wood?


  1. ooooo.... those carved cubes are totally craveable. Wouldn't mind having those ones myself.

    As for how hard carving wood is... i bet it's def worth a try! I see these wood carving tool sets all over korea here, and picked one up. Did a little test carving with them but not much, but was pleased with what i got.

  2. I can't get enough of your printer drawer! You have such an eye for coolness!


  3. did you check out beads and pieces and happy mango beads? lotta wood. carved horn too!

  4. I just love this series you are doing. It makes me look at my printer's drawer in a whole new way.
    The carved wood is beautiful. I have something special from a little store in San Francisco that is seemingly ancient. Two whole neclaces of individually carved tiles in a parallelogram shape (am I saying that right?). Do I have your address Shan? I would love to gift you with a tile. Email me!
    Enjoy the day!
    P.S. I am placing my color order today! So excited!

  5. Oh those brown wooden flowers ...
    I am also a carved lover. It could be wood, bone, horn, lucite, polymer clay or semiorecious stones. And I agree, it IS best when it is imperfect. I like the ones you showed here. Thanks for the tips. I sometimes search "carved" on Etsy, and find things I like that way. In Lorelei's Michael's challenge we are using several carved beads. Carved cinnobar coins for instance.
    All my best,

  6. Gorgeous! I don't often use wood in my work but I have with a few things recently and have surprised myself with how much I like it! Especially like the wooden rings in your printer's drawer. Maybe I should embrace my rustic side more often!

  7. It's a good thing I don't know where you live - not sure I'd be able to resist all the wonderful contents of those Printers Drawers LOL! What terrific finds you have there - especially those wooden cubes in the last picture. Those are awesome!

  8. I think all types of hand carved beads are very special, no matter the material, I think of the carver and the care that went into creating the beads. I bet with they would look spectacular if you should stain them. I particulatly like the ones from westcoast beads.

  9. Love these carved beads, very pretty. Great to see what's in your drawers! Take care, Riki

  10. those are great. love the textures they provide!

  11. Hopefully, you have started a search for carved wooden beads! I had some wonderful round ones, @ 12mm, and can't find any more.
    Love those peeks into the printer's drawer, never see enough of your work, Shannon, show, show, show!

  12. 'Compartment No. 4'---that sounds so mysterious!

    Love the wood beads. Thanks for the links!

    Looking forward to 'Compartment No. 5'


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