Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hey. You. I want to talk to you.

(gratuity shot of jewelry)
You fascinating woman, you.
You oh so kindly come by my blog and humor me with responses to my nonsensical ramblings, post a comment and then.... what?

I have words to share with you and they are stuck here in my head now. 
Pearls of wisdom and profound thought that cannot be shared by coming back here and posting another comment on my own comment section.
They must be responded to personally.
You can help me with this.

Open your blog dashboard in a separate window and click the 'edit profile' tab under your name right next to your profile picture.
Scroll down and look for 'show my email address' under Privacy.
Click that so that when you leave a comment, I can reply by email privately and continue on the conversation.
And yes, it will remain private. What kind of blogger do you think I am? 

It will be fun. I promise.


  1. You are brilliant! That is exactly what I was thinking when three comments I tried to reply to were noreply... I think that I have accidentally clogged the noreply mailbox with my responses to comments. I HATE not being able to carry on that conversation and YES I DO reply to all comments on my blog through the email. Thanks for that. I hope it helps!

    Enjoy the day!

  2. I am with Erin. I have replied to several people and didn't realize they had the noreply until after the email went; felt like a dork :)
    I really like being able to reply to people and keep talking and carrying on conversations from the posts they have done. It is not the same as drinking coffee with the person, but you still feel connected when you can email back and forth.
    Have a great day and week!

  3. And really, who WOULDN'T want to talk to the fabulous Miss Shannon? I love replying to comments - it's fun.

  4. Love those earrings! I usually just wait until the comments come in and reply-- haven't had a problem with that so far but maybe I'm missing something? Wish we could all chat in person-- isn't there a grant or something that would pay for us to do that? In the name of world peace or something?

  5. I am with you on that one Shannon....those noreplys are so frustrating!

  6. How did I miss those luscious beads when i ordered? Those earrings are just striking! Maybe the no-responder is new like me and missed that step. It's such a delight when you see an e-mail in response to your comment, hope that person will find out quickly that it can be the best part!

  7. What great information, I didn't even realize that setting was there.

  8. Yep, lots of those noreplies out there! Sometimes I'm so incredibly motivated I try to track the person down via their blog or etsy but honestly usually I just don't feel like I have the time so this is an awesome post!

  9. Oh how I admire all of you who answer personally on comments. I myself have never done that ... I think (?). But I really like it when someone does it to me.

    I also admire all of you who read all the posts on all the blogs you follow. And who comment also. You are amazing!

    I hereby officially announce that I am NOT one of you. I don't read all blog posts. I don't comment always, even if I really like that post. It happens I have something I would like to say, but I just don't know how to put it, so I don't write anything at all. Sometimes I am just not in the mood to write, and sometimes I have to log in first and just can't be bothered. I am so sorry, but that's how it is. But I AM so very happy that some of you are so nice and caring. I do loooove getting comments on my own post, and I like to read comments on other's posts.

    I like to write comments also, it's just that I don't do it as frequently as some of you.

    Anyway, I wish everyone my best,

  10. OK, so that's what the deal-io is. There are many times I want to respond to someone who posts on our blog, but can't because its a noreply address.

    I agree that it can be frustrating, and wonder if they, like me, don't realize what's going on, or that it can be simple to change.

    Thanks for letting us know.

  11. Yes. I love those totally.


  12. Great! So many interesting people out there and a lot of kindness.

  13. Great! Some many interesting people out there and a lot of kindness.

  14. I am such a technological idiot I can barely figure out how to even post a comment at all, so when you say "open your blog dashboard" I have no idea what that even is. I swear I have set up a google account several times, but when I type in my username and password, it always says its incorrect so I just usually use the "name/URL" thing to comment. I THINK that probably allows people to reply privately, but I actually have no idea...
    Some of us are just better at art than technology...
    Erin S

  15. I agree! I get so many people commenting on my blog with questions and statements and little things I want to reply to, and I can't! I reply in the comment box, but who knows if they'll ever see it.

  16. I have to admit, I have only recently discovered that you coul dreply to folks' comments! I wondered how people managed to reply to mine....doh, I'm a bit slow when it comes to computers!! It is so nice when someone takes the time to respond to your response :-)

  17. You are always the Evervescent Treasure Shannon. A well with wonderful waters...oxo I will look into what you have just said!

  18. LOVE LOVE LOVIN' those earrings!!!!


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