Thursday, December 9, 2010

You Get Back Up

Wow, what a couple of crazy weeks it has been since I was last able to visit you here.
Life has been trying to push me down, but I say NO. N.O. to you, Life. I get back up and I go forward. 
I seek answers like lost buried treasures, no matter the obstacles or the evil forces that try to knock me over.
Things that I have been doing;

1.) I have been a nurse to Miss. Pinky who came down with pneumonia and a double ear infection the day after Thanksgivings. Fevers, racking coughs, nausea (read; throw up) and a busted ear drum takes a bit of time to nurse back to health.When we finally got in to see the specialist, they took x-rays that showed a sinus infection. Some tests have been done and we will find out a bit more next week. Hopefully, we will have a plan that will help us keep her from getting such serious sicknesses so often.

 2.) We have been trying to learn as much as possible about a medicine called Soliris. In most cases it has helped pnh patients fight the hemolysis. It is a life long treatment and you can never go off of it once you start which makes it a scary decision. I do not feel intelligent enough to make this decision with Mike. While he respects my opinion most of the time, this is something I am just not sure about. There are risks involved, like that of meningococcal infections. We will have to take him to the hospital at the first sign of a fever. But the greater risk is that of blood clotting, which most people who have been diagnosed with pnh die from within 5 to 10 years. This medicine will prevent that. It has to be given every 2 weeks, you absolutely cannot miss it or the kidneys will crash as the doctor explained to us. (That means no month long vacations to Belize, just 1 week and 5 day vacations) 
3.) I have been learning how to trace anonymous commentor's. Did you know that you are never really anonymous but there is always a trail to follow? I thought that was cool. You can even trace someone's ip address. Once you have that, you just save everything pertinent to your harassment and hire a lawyer to harass back. That's interesting to know.
4.) I have been trying to keep up with custom orders while still creating new and exciting things for you to create with.
What do you think of these?
Dark Forest
(black on brass with laurel green and mica powder)
(chestnut, orange and green with mica on brushed copper)

Indigo Washed Chestnut
(chestnut over textured copper, washed with indigo and more mica powder)
So Guess what? Because you read through this whole thing all the way to the end, I want you to have a chance at this set. It will be the last give-a-way of the year!
Please leave me a comment so next week I can draw a name through the random generator and send off a set of 1 Dark Forest Leaf, 8 Spice beads, and 12" of Indigo Washed Chain to you. 
Now I must go and finish my margarita. There is much deep thought to commence with and I have to dust off the back of my pants.
We Get Back Up. 
* Sorry this was delayed! I will be able to draw a name and ship this out on Wed. the 29th.


  1. wow what a generous giveaway! love the spice beads......well actually all of it, just the beads a bit more! would love to win!

  2. Oh honey... I'm sending you lots & lots of hugs! What a bumpy road since Thanksgiving. I hope you find the answers you need so you feel comfortable with your decisions.


    P.S.... I'll never be anonymous! I have opinions and I'm proud of em! ;)

  3. Oh sweetie you've sure been through a lot. While I don't know what you are going through, I do know how frightening it can be to have a loved one who is seriously ill, and worry whether you are making the right decisions. I'm sending up a little prayer for you.

    Your creations are just beautiful--the colors are amazing! I'd love to be the winner!!!

    Take care, and get some rest!

  4. These are beautiful. Sorry to hear about all the troubles you're having right now,(isn't it strange my nephew also had an ear infection/busted ear drum after Thanksgiving?)breaeaeaeathe. :)

  5. You so deserve that Margarita ... I hope it's one of those 24 oz. things that look like a mini bathtub! I have been having so much fun in the studio with the patinas and I have an awesome project I'm ready to start with photos! ;-)

  6. Shannon, it sooo good to hear from you. But not so great with all of the medical things going on. You've got the right idea. When life knocks you over, you just gotta get up and go, even if it is over and over againg. Love dark forest. That's a lovely deep bluey green. In fact I love all of your new things.

    Thinking of all of you and sending you hugs.

  7. Lots of healing thoughts and love coming your family's way this Christmas season. Those pieces you are giving away are gorgeous, love to win them! Have a Joyous Christmas!

  8. Poor little Pinky, it's just heartbreaking to see your child sick...and as a mother, you wish that you could take away all of their pain and make everything rosy again. I'm keeping everything crossed that you get some answers soon, so she doesn't get sick so often.

    I agree with you that the Soliris treatment isn't a decision to be taken lightly. I know that together, you and Mike will make the best decision...and I wish you peace with whatever you decide to do.

    I haven't received any anonymous comments (yet!), but I've noticed that anonymous commenters have been getting around Blogland a lot lately, and they never really have anything nice to say. Glad to hear that you can track them down. I'm sure they'd love to hear from your lawyer ;-)

    Your newest creations are yummy...count me in on your lovely giveaway!

    Wishing you and your gorgeous family a happy, healthy holiday season ♥


  9. Would love to win your fabulous creations. Thinking good healthy thoughts for you and your family!

  10. I love the leaf and the new color combos. I wish I had some wise advice for you and your husband. Follow your heart is the best I can do. Wishing you and your family the best.

  11. Good luck with the tough decisions...
    If I were anonymous I wouldn't be able to win this set and that would just be silly! It's lovely and lovely of you to have the giveaway :)

  12. OOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!! Sign me up! Sign me up!!!!!!!!
    My prayers are with ya lady! Sounds like you've got WAY too much going on. Poor Pinky!!! Bless her heart!! She's too little for all of that!!! I've spent most of my life with sinus infections and ear infections. Horrible as an adult, but intolerable as a child. First sign of the sniffles, and I'm running for Zyrtek, Zicam.. whatever it takes to keep that stuff away from me.
    Keep your chin up woman!!! Hugs to you!!

  13. Shannon...I hope that your daughter is feeling better. And that is a scary decision to make for Mike. I hope that you get the clarification that you need to make that right choice for you.

    Love the colors and the leaf is just yummy!
    Hope you get a little chance to take a breather.

  14. wow you certainly have had a lot going on recently,i do hope pinky is feeling better.
    you are so strong to be able to cope with all life is throwing at you..what's with all the nasty anon's on the blogs recently?
    Hope things settle down a bit.

  15. Its always so Refreshing to hear from you!I was wondering *whats she been up to?! Bless you youve had alot on your plate. Im so glad Pinkys ok and nursed back and ok now. Phneumonias nothing to fool around with..your a wonderful Momma! Mike yes those are some serious cards to have to examine and it is my prayer that you come to the best decision soon. The meds sound quite promising. Im going to check this out after writing my post to you here.
    Bad comments are bad taste and yup very well can be traced. Never worth the trouble! My feeling is why even bother..
    Lifes so precious and what a gift. My Ronald has been in hospital again yesterday and today bc he had to get a second stint. Tho many say oh its just routine..there are risks with any invasive procedure. I was dismayed as the Dr said the 1st stint is now blocked 40 to 50 percent now. So we *sigh but like you said. We get knocked down and we get back up. For me in my life..The Lord is our Shepard and I put us in His hands all the time!
    Take good care Shannon its great hearing from you! ox

  16. Oh! What a beautiful giveaway! Thank you too for the chance! ox

  17. So sorry about the illness. Unfortunately we are forced to adapt. My son has asthma, it can be scary sometimes. He was diagnosed at 3, he's 18 now. We have had our share of emergency rooms and urgent care.
    My thoughts are with you making this tough decision.
    Remember to take care of yourself also.

  18. I love this post Shannon. You have such a bright and tenacious spirit. And that chestnut chain, to die for. Love all those browns and copper. Would love to win. Wishing you a very Happy Holiday and good health to all your family.

  19. Kudos to you and your bravery in the face of illness and anonymous commentators. Keep on truckin'!

  20. Your work is awesome as always!

    I hope Miss Pinky is better. I wish you strength.

    Hugs, Gunilla

  21. Sounds like your doing a great job of dusting yourself off and getting back up! I hope your daughter gets better soon and wish you luck with making the scary descion!

  22. Oh no - you were a target of this nasty anonymous commenter too? And I hope your sweet little daughter and your husband will be better soon. Your new stuff is awesome - as always. Happy weekend!

  23. beautiful pieces here! Copper always sings for me, and those Spices beads are no exception! Through adversity, sometimes it helps to power through some projects in the studio... bench time can be cathartic.

  24. I am sorry about Miss.Pinky! Sounds miserable and painful. I hope they can figure out what and how to make it not so bad. I wish I could help with the Soliris question - sounds so complicated. My heart is with you and Mike. You both will make the right decision!

    Your work is amazing! I do love your patinas! Thanks for the chance.

  25. So sorry to hear about all the sickness in your family, I hope the treatments go well.
    I love your copper work, it's my favourite metal. I don't have the equipment to do more than basic hammering and would love to win some of your copper findings!

  26. You hang in there girl, a margarita sounds like just the ticket!

  27. OH Shannon! I am sending healing and healthy thoughts your way as always. I am here when you need me and I hope to chat with you soon! I have been thinking of you but it has been crazy around here (not your crazy that's for sure) Send me a note when you are up to it my friend I miss you!

    Hugs and Happy Holidays
    Squnches to Miss Pinkerton!

  28. Wowza! That is all really serious stuff & I'm so sorry you have to deal with it. Your work is beautious and full of love! Dust yourself off!

  29. I am so glad you are back up, missed you while you were gone. I am often a silent watcher, but you clearly could use some reaching out to. I hope that choices become clearer and easier for you in the coming days. You have a lot to bear but do it so graciously and without complaining and poor me. I find that very inspiring. And a gentle reminder to me when I'm feeling blue over less significant things. Thank you for who you are, how you live your life, your wonderful talent and for sharing all of that with us.

  30. Holy cow - I am sorry to hear about your daughter being sick. I don't have kids of my own, but I am sure that was nerve wracking and I so hope she is feeling better! I know you are taking care of her, but make sure you take some time to take care of yourself too!
    I wish I could help answer the question about Soliris. Sometimes I wish I took my aunt's advice to be a nurse, but I don't think the patients would like it if I kept passing out on them (don't like blood or seeing anyone in pain).
    I love the new pieces you have done, they are so gorgeous, delicious, awesome, pretty, I WANT! I have ideas already going through my head - uhmmm spices, indigo washed chestnut!
    I hope you have a wonderful day and weekend! Thinking happy thoughts your way!

  31. Oh sorry ...that lot of health-problems in the family!
    Good You still stand on Your feet and determined to stay that way...
    I think about You and some healing will go to all of You
    Lovely metals You work on all of them as allways

  32. Beautiful items as always. Good to know about being able to trace the Anonymous...those who hide in the dark and try to perpetrate a whammy. Not nice. Keep smiling!

  33. Sorry to hear about Miss Pinky, I know she has the best nurse around and will soon be back on her little feet.
    Really a two week Caribbean trip is thoughts and prayers are always with Mike.
    I love the new pieces and the gorgeous patina's you achieved.
    I am bouncing back slowly from surgery and will touch base with your shortly about my pieces.

  34. You have an unconquerable core. It's good when you realize what tough stuff you are made of! Your family has a champion at its center! I'm sure you all will find the best solutions for your health challenges--informing yourself as much as you can (apart from the advice of a doctor) is so important. The competence and judgment of the medical community is very uneven in my experience, and patients who educate themselves as much as possible, and question question question will have the best outcome. You seem to have the tenacity, intelligence and trust in yourself to do just that.

  35. I love you, Miss Shannon. Your resilience, your questioning nature, your drive to find new things. All inspiring to me.
    Monthlong vacations in Belize? Never heard of them. Must be overrated.
    And your new colors? Yum. I would like a side of that with my margarita. Drink up, me hardies! Aye!

    Enjoy the day!

    P.S. How cute is Miss Pinky on the 'puter? That doll makes me smile. :-)

  36. Hi Shannon (I love that we have the same name, still makes me smile), I am so sorry to hear your little one has been so sick we are fighting a bad cold and teething in our house and it makes me cry because there is not much I can do to help her pain so I cannot relate to your poor girls illness and Mike's and how the decisions you have to make must be so difficult.
    I am sending you and your family prayers that God will help you make the right decisions when it comes to Mike's health. Blessings to you too Shannon because I know it's not easy for you right now, don't listen to the nonsense of others!

    Oh yeah and sweet giveaway! I hope I win, pick me, pick me!!!
    Shannon C

  37. Sending some healing wishes your way!

    I think your latest creations make me dream of sitting under red plaid blankets with the fireplace burning and a hot mocha latte in my hand. Don't know why, just does!

    Have a great weekend!

  38. Hey...hang in there! I am praying for some Christmas peace and joy for you!

  39. HHey Shannon, scary decisions for you, my partner and I had similar with her MS medication a few months back so I can empathise with what you two are going through. I hope you can reach a decision you are both happy with.Love, love LOVE the new pieces so please count me into your draw!

  40. Keep "getting back up" I love love the leaf.


  41. Shannon - what a time you and the family have had, with a lot of huge issues to deal with. Your resilience and attitude is inspirational to us all, not to mention your gorgeous jewellery and components. Vicki :)

  42. Wow! You really have your plateful, don't you? In spite of it all, you show your kindness by giving. Thank you for this opportunity to win your wonderful prize.

  43. wow. you are the busiest person ever. I'm so sorry your (beautiful!) girl is sick. and that medical decision- so scary. Somehow, you manage to make glorious things throughout all this- amazing. You are amazing.
    I send you my sincerest love and hugs and admiration.

  44. What an example you are of putting one foot in front of the other to keep going. Sometimes it's all we can do, and you are doing it.
    I LOVE the dark leaf, and the spice beads and the indigo washed chain, even if you weren't giving them away!
    xo Barb

  45. I hope this holiday brings you rest and a little peace from the worries of this life. Enjoy every minute that you are given with your family and live in that moment.

  46. Hello! I don't think I've ever visited your blog before. My daughter has a similar illness this week. I am glad she is feeling better.

    Thanks for a chance to win your wonderful goodies. I like the spice beads.

  47. Well, Miss Fickle, you are wearing many hats these days!! And wearing them very well, doing the best you can in each role! Your creative hat must be spinning! Ohhh, that leaf is lovely, and when I saw "Spices" and then the chain, I wanted to reach out and grab them!! Generator, it's my turn, unless, big sigh of resignation, there is someone else to be favored this time. We're snowed in all day today, guess I'll take out some patina-ted copper from "You-Know-Who" and make something wonderful!

  48. Yep, that's what you have to do, be determined, get up and brush yourself off.

    I hope your daughter is better... it just tug at your heart and emotions when the kiddies are sick. I agree, the meds would freak me out a little.

    Your pieces are always!

  49. Excellent attitude! Give 'em hell.

    The copper beads and dark leaf are great!


  50. I'm wishing you peace and comfort after the big decision is made. Amazingly, sometimes the margaritas provide a unique clarity to the situation! :o)
    And I'd love to throw my name in the hat for those gorgeous pieces!!

  51. Poor Miss Pinky! Hope you can find all the ways to make her super healthy!
    I wish you wisdom and guidance with the new medicine. It sounds important and complicated.

    As always, your pieces are lovely. Please put me into the hat for the giveaway. Bless you, generous soul!

  52. Great post. Hang in there. I especially like the spices color combo.

  53. Shannon,
    You are an incredibly strong person and I don't know if I have ever seen you knocked down because you put on such an "I will overcome all adversity face". This is Your husband by the way so you don't get freaked out. I love your heart and the compassion you have for your family and your customers alike. I would not be as strong as I am with out you. Although I don't seem so strong sitting in the hospital right now being treated for cellulitis and running a fever of 103 and heart rate of 130. We will get through this and live incredibly long lives. Thank you for loving me so much. Love your Husband

  54. Congratulations for dusting off your pants and getting back up! I don't have a margarita, but I do have a wine in hand, and I lift it up in your honor! Here's to your family's health and to SILENCE for anonymous!!!

  55. You have certainly been dealing with a lot of family health issues, I hope the answers to your questions will be resolved soon!

    Of course, no one is ever anonymous, even those programs that say they make you anonymous, can be traced by some sort of geekery!

    I love your giveaway, please enter my name, your components are awesome, as usual!!

  56. thank you for the opportunity to win some of your beautiful colored metals. peace and strength to you.

  57. love, peace and happiness for you and your family!! I always believe that God only gives you what you can handle, and it sounds like you are charging through and the right decision will be there for you when you are ready.

    Great stuff please enter me in your fab draw!!!

  58. I admire your strength and tenacity.I don't believe I had ever heard of PNH before reading about it here. Sending healing thoughts and light to you and your family....
    Thank you for all of your sharing and generosity. Love your new pieces!!!

  59. Life is a series of ups and downs for sure. That combination is absolutely yummy.

  60. you must be made of good. I was just admiring those beautiful pieces. I would love a chance at owning them!

  61. So sorry your little one is sick. That gets me almost more than anything...
    I hate health challenges- we have dealt with some pretty major ones with my husband. It's hard.
    May the Lord bless you and keep you, and shine His face on you...

  62. Your plate is so full! I read about what Mike has and its very serious as I can see what he wrote as well! My you be so very Blessed at this time Shannon. I am praying for your family for Gods protective care. Little Pinky what a doll!
    Thank you for the chance on these beautiful things youve made!

  63. Very difficult decision with the medication. Get as much information as you possibly can! Regards, Kristin

  64. Sorry so many things have hit you at once and at an extremely busy time also. Healing thoughts for both your daughter and your husband. You sound like you are doing everything you can to make the right decisions. I can't believe in the midst of all this you still come up with new things!! They are all gorgeous - I especially like the dark green one. Good luck with everything.

  65. Lovely items! Such beautiful colors. Love the copper. Good luck with your family decisions.
    You'll make the best one.

  66. Love the spice beads. You're a trooper for sure. Get back up, brush off those pants, and exhale.
    I hope Pinky is on the mend.
    "May health, peace and content be yours."

  67. So many people are dealing with hurtful anonymous comments! I don't understand people sometimes.

    It's easy for me to stay in bed all day when a problem arises. You show so much strength in just getting up and out of bed everyday and I respect you so much for that. I hope this holiday season brings you and your family laughter and joy.

    PS. I love your new pieces. Heck. I love everything you make and wish desperately I had a torch and time to teach myself to make wonderful pretties like the ones that come from your hands.

  68. I can relate to the serious health issues going on in your family, and wish you the best in your decision about your husband's medications. It can be overwhelmingly scary, and the stress sometimes manifests itself in ways we don't expect. On the positive side, your new work is beautiful, and creativity is always a wonderful outlet and lets us escape our problems for a brief moment. I can also relate to that margarita, which in and of itself, is an incredible stress buster!
    Erin S

  69. I'm sorry that life has been harrassing you along with those pesky "a-nonny-mouses". I'm sure many can relate to your troubles, I know that I can. I hope the best for your family, and who knows maybe you can find that drug down in Belize at their local pharmacy-crazier things have been known to happen.

    Keep your chin up and try to see throught the grey to that ray of sunshine that I know is out there. I try to always remember that we are not "tested beyond what we can bear", it's just hard when you can obviously bear a lot of things:).

  70. Wow Shannon. You have your hands full. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You are a tough lady, with a kind, beautiful, giving spirit. Stay strong.
    Much love coming your way, Ladeeeeeee!! :)

  71. Awww I hope your little one is feeling better.

    Oh I've got my *fingers crossed* Thank You!!!

  72. I'm so sorry to hear of your struggles. I'm really, really hoping things work out the way you need them to. I wish I'd gotten to see this earlier but please know I'm here for you.

  73. My best to you and your family. Merry Christmas and God Bless you all.

  74. I think you have a special strength that was given to you to face what you face and continue to move forward. Mike, although very unfortunate to experience his own incredible unfair pain, is very fortunate to have a wife that loves him the way you do :O)


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