Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Too Much Snow ALREADY!

So we are smack dab in the Midwest, Missouri to be exact.
On the evening of January 31st, Mike went out to scrap off the Saturn, pop up the windshield wipers to keep them from freezing to the window and checked the oil, antifreeze and the gas.
All this in preparation of traveling 60 miles to the hospital where Makayla was scheduled to have her tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy the next morning. 
At 6:00 am.
Which meant we had to be up at 3:30 in order to get there by that time.
(sick feeling in my stomach)
We had heard there was a mix of sleet and snow coming but felt we couldn't cancel as this was to help Miss Pinky from getting sick all the time. It was hard work (many prayers) keeping her healthy up to the day of the surgeries and it took forever to even get to this point so we really didn't want to put it off any more. 
Mike is really good driving in bad conditions so we went for it.

We had no idea how bad it was going to get.
Blizzard like.
The Saturn wouldn't even start. It was like, No. No way.
So he had to spend another hour getting the van ready to go.

We got there alright and Pinky did fine for both procedures and was allowed to go home several hours later.
The whole time we were there the T.V. was on constant WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY and we could hear the pounding of the sleet against the walls from the inside of the hospital.
It was a white knuckled, horrifying ride home that took 3 hours to complete. Once we arrived in Wentzville, the snow was coming down hard with 12" on top of a sheet of ice. 
After it was all over and done with we had a total of 22 inches!!!
Snow drifts up to Christian's waist.
Does this look safe to drive on!?!?!
I don't care if we have to live in a shanty that has to be rebuilt every other year from hurricane wreckage, it is Florida or bust.
I am SO done with snow.

Pinky is doing alright, having a little bit of trouble eating but that is always the first thing she stops doing when she is not feeling well. We have been giving her hydrocodone every 4 hours to keep the pain down. We take turns at night, 12am- Mike. 4am - Shan. 8 am - Mike, so on. We are like walking zombies.
But she will be all better in time for her first Daddy and Daughter Dance on February 12th.
I bought her the cutest little red and silver polka dot dress with a red petticoat, silver ballet flats and hair pretties. Her Big Papa is buying her a wrist corsage and a locket. It is all so darned adorable!
I'll make sure to take pictures and have him take videos.
These two are dancing fools, any party or wedding reception and these two will take over the dance floor. Pinky with her dips and Big Papa with his 80's moves.

Just a heads up;
I am unveiling a NEW THING on Art Bead Scene 
this Saturday for my Studio Saturday post.
It is a super cool line of products that all us jewelry designers and show people need.
I have been working with a special artist to bring these to life and she has far exceeded my artistic expectations. While it will be hard to part with some of them because I fell in love with every single piece, I am convinced that it is exactly what a lot of you have been looking for.
So please, please, please come check it out on the 12th!!!!


  1. I hope everything slows down for you! Especially the snow fall. I used to hate dealing with the cars and getting to work in the snow. The stress of it sometimes is overwhelming. I do miss it though living in the south. Although we did get six inches this year! and snow on xmas.

    kathleen xx

  2. What a 'white knuckle' drive that must have been. I'm so glad you made it there and back OK, and that Pinky is on the mend.

    Take care!!

  3. Hope Pinky is feeling much better, and everyone is getting some sleep.
    That video was amazing and scary..yep maybe a warmer climate is in order.

  4. Now, that does look cold, and I am sure you are sick and tired of seeing the cold, white stuff. I do have to say, your little Pinky, adorable. Fun post to read.

  5. Wishing your little one a speedy recovery. Wow - I'm kind of glad I live in Texas at the moment.

    Boy, what a tease - I can't wait to see what your Studio Saturday post is all about.

    Take care dear Shannon!

  6. So glad you made it home safely!! I know that white knuckle feeling after going through a Nebraska blizzard with semis passing just inches away! It was all worth it for Pinky's sake, hope it's the best Daddy and Daughter Dance ever :) Can't wait to see your new line, however did you come up with that in the midst of all the other things of life?? Take care!

  7. Oh poor Miss Pinky! I hope she feels better soon and gets to eating too! Hope you all get some much needed sleep too! As I was reading all I was thinking was, "please tell me they did NOT get stuck in the I-70 shut down". We did not get hit too bad down here in Farmington, I am sure some would argue with me on that, but it could have been worse. After hearing the forcast for today and tonight, I too amd packing my bags for Florida! Take care!


  8. is anything ever easy? i guess it comes down to being grateful that it ALL worked out... am so glad that pinky got the surgery that should keep her well... that your car held up (as did your marriage)... that you arrived home safely...
    so walking zombies - be good to each other... you all did a great job - no small feat accomplished...
    looking forward to your exciting saturday reveal!

  9. holy crap, 22". glad you made it safely there and back!

    well now i'm all agog about your NEW THING. can't wait to see!!

  10. I am glad your drive there and back went fine! I know how much it sucks driving on ice and snow. Great news about your daughter! I can't wait to see photos of the father/daughter dance! They are going to have so much fun. Yeah, something to look forward to, as I try to get over "The Crud". I can't wait for Saturday! I am also with you, Florida here we come!!!! I am so sick of snow, ice, and cold.

  11. Oh I am so glad you are all ok and that her surgery went well! I am sending the biggest hugs and healthy thoughts in the hopes that this will fix her right up so she can stop being sick. I am sending special hugs to you for all that you have indured these last few months. You are coming out on the other side now!

  12. Holy Moly...I am so glad you got to the hospital and home all safe and sound. Best wishes to Miss Pinky for a speedy recovery.
    Oh my, what do you have in store for the 12th? I can't wait to see!

  13. Oooh, exciting! I hope Miss Pinky keeps up the mending and you guys get a break soon. It sounds like this past wee while has been altogether hard work for you all. Onwards and upwards for 2011!

  14. I am so glad your family is home and safe. I have a sister in Wentzville so I have traveled that road much. I live in Oklahoma and we had 12 inches of snow last weekend, expecting another 10 inches tonight....what's up with all this snow. Can't wait to see your new things on the 12th!

  15. The 12th is pencilled in!

    Ouch! Just reading about Pinky makes my throat sting. The presents should help soothe things, and of course there's ginger ale and ice cream.

    Spring is just around the corner...


  16. So glad that Pinky is on the mend. Take care; hopefully Spring is not too far away! :)

  17. Glad to hear your daughter is doing fine. But, geez, haven't you had enough stuff to deal with this winter??!!
    I can't wait to see the New Thing. I'm sure I need one or more of whatever it is. Glad that you are able to be creative in the midst of dealing with storms and hospitals.

  18. Thankfully we haven't had to deal with anymore snow since just before the christmas period.

    I look forward to seeing your big reveal on Saturday.

  19. I'm glad you daughter is on the mend!
    Sunshine and warm weather . . . .

  20. OMG, what an ordeal; taking a child for major surgery would be stressful enough, but in a storm? I'm so glad you're all home safe, and wish your girl a speedy recovery. If I could move I'd be heading someplace warmer, too. As for now, well, I can't wait to see your new line...

  21. Man, you and your family are awesome. Nothing keeps you down. You guys rock!


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