Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What a pair of pliers inspired.

I have 2 pairs of pliers that I use to grip the heated metal with before applying the heat patinas, this is the thicker pair for heavier items.
I found this pair to be really inspiring and begin looking for the color combination that I could recreate 
What came from this experimentation was a definite spring like feel. Which my soul needs as it is currently bogged down under gallons and gallons of melting snow and ice.
Cold and wet is balanced by soft and pretty.

See!?! Like dyed Easter eggs!

You can purchase Easter Sunday components to play with here.
And here.

 I also have an article coming out in the Spring Issue of Jewelry Affaire that discusses how to make these jewel tone patinas into pastels with basic color theory principles. The article will give those already familiar with the patina process a recipe they can use from 3 colors but doesn't go into that much detail about all the steps due to the magazine doesn't pay that much for me to give away my trade. Plus I only got 900 words. But it is a start to introducing the patinas to mainstream, something I have had trouble doing.

What Spring thing have you been inspired to make? 

Did you see what happened to my side bar blog list?
It disappeared.
I was trying to delete the background to install a new background and deleted the wrong thing. Did I have my blog list backed up on a bookmark folder? Nooooooo. I did with the old computer but never sat down to the task with this one. I have to start from scratch. I think I will go to the comments and everyone who took the time to say something nice will be in the new list. 
Cause this is my blog and I can run it that way if I want to (said in a petulant child like way).



  1. Shannon, seeing the photos of your pliers (boy do they look great) and your new components had me almost crying. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo utterly awesome! Oh dear!

    And then I reached the last bit of your post, and if anyone thinks I am writing this just to be on your list they only need to check my blog and my previous work to know how much I adore your work. I will come shopping soon I guess! :-)

    All my best!

  2. Springs on the way Shannon..hold tight! What really beautiful eggs! Colours just really touch the soul dont they? I am def going out to get the new Jewellery Affaire today, and look forward to reading your Article. Shucks on the missing side bar but its not hard to add great blogs! Stay warm oxo

  3. Drats. That is a bugger.
    I love LOVE love the new color. Oh, yes. I must have me some of that to hoard, er, I mean fondle, er, I mean admire! Here is to a quick thaw!
    Enjoy the day.

  4. Malin, you will always be on my list as good people. I love you, My Beautiful Lady of All Things Swedish.

    Janet - you have a package coming with some sweet things!

    Lori, it is so flattering to think you will be creating something with one of the Easter eggs!
    Thank you!

  5. Shannon the Easter colors are FANTASTIC! I am going to have to keep my eye out for the Jewellery Affaire mag!!!! I seriously can't wait for the temps to remain warm so I can play more with the patina's! I am in patina withdrawal! I also love that you used your pliers for inspiration!
    My spring inspiration right now are some egg beads from Kelley's Beads that I am waiting to use with a bird pendant I need to enamel. It is suppose to be in the upper 40's and 50's this weekend so I am hoping for a big enameling session!
    Have a great week!

  6. I love your Easter Sunday pieces! In fact, I just purchased the bead set on etsy!!!!!

    Congratulations on your Jewelry Affaire feature. I can't wait for it to come out in the stores.

  7. Love the wash of colour on those eggs, you are on to a whole new phase with patinas, I think, I predict, I KNOW!
    My word verification is POONOB, this would so make my son laugh (it's an 11 year old thing)!

  8. PS. did I say it is sooo fun and exciting to shop with you?! Well it is lol. Must get some patinas ano doo diddleys to sart fiddling with metal and your book! A must! There will be a run on your eggs huggs~Janet ox

  9. gosh, those are beautiful! I love that Aqua colour!

  10. I am SO ready for Spring Shannon!!! Your pieces put me in MORE of the Spring mood! Beautiful! The photo of your pliers needs to be printed and framed in your studio!! Love it!


  11. mmm - february arrives and we yearn for something with color - soft and new... these are beautiful, shannon... will have to pick up the mag - looking forward to your article... and the public will fall in love just as we have...

  12. Them r nice eggs. And a funny post as usual...hope you recover from your blogging foibles...been there, done that.

  13. Them r nice eggs. A funny post as always...blogging foibles...been there, done that.

  14. These pliers are great! How could I not go right to your Etsy site and buy me some plier inspired components to rev up my own studio action. You are great, Shannon.
    I'll be watching my mailbox next week. Can't wait!
    xoxo Barb

  15. The new colors are amazing!!! I see daffodils blooming, you put me in a spring mode!

    I seem to be working with green a bit more (actually I hardly ever work with green...) It has me thinking of sprouts and new growth.

  16. Wow these Spring colors are so soft and beautiful. The eggs are amazing. I love your bluebird of happiness as these are my very favorite colors of blue. Congratulations on your articles. Happy creating...

  17. Your pliers immediately made me think of a piece of heavy copper that my husband's friend uses for all of his welding! It somehow developed beautiful blues, a touch of red, green shades, all from the heat and the metals! But I can't have it (Petulantly spoken). The new softer colors are Per.Fect.O.! Hope you're planning to make tons of it. Yay, thawing! A wonderful thing. Your article sounds brilliant, all combined, I think you will take us all right into summer, we'll be so busy with all things "Shannon"!

  18. Is the new Jewelry Affair out already? I haven't been to B&N in ages, okay like 3 weeks but anywhoo those beads are beautiful and to think they were inspired by your pliers!
    Hope Mike is doing well, sorry but tell him I am scarred for life by that picture of his arm he posted on fb.

  19. I'll be watching for that article so I can learn this, too. The pastels
    are gorgeous!

  20. Love the colors--they are so very spring when we need some color here in the gloomy Mid-West!
    Can't wait for the new BAJ....yes, I AM a magazine addict.
    Have a good one....I'm going to have to wander on over to your shop.....
    Bead Happy!

  21. ONLY 900 words to explain patina color theory principles. You're brillant.
    Love the eggs. It makes me long for spring.

  22. Love the pliers but those eggs are to die for!!!! You are so back baby and creating the most gorgeous work!!!!

    my captha was joke you got it!

  23. they're like watercolor!! love the coloration you got on there, they look like they'd be light as a feather.

    Congrats on your article! You're a born teacher. And I think getting patinas out there into the mainstream will only increase demand that will come back to you like good karma. Can't wait to use my rustic copper hearts with the soft white splashes of color, those are sort of watercolor-y too! (Hear you about the snow, big sloppy mess here too!)

  24. Oh yeah, I'm the Bluebird of Happiness these days and will probably lay an egg soon, although not as gorgeously colored as yours, dear one! Looking forward to a bit of spring happiness from your BAJ spread!

  25. Those are just awesome looking pliers! And the Easter Eggs are gorgeous.

  26. Lovely stuff and very interesting looking bird:) Finally another recipe on my blog, sorry for not posting more often, but this is something we make all the time and enjoy a lot. Have a great weekend!

  27. Hi Shannon, I left a comment several days ago, but I don't see it so I'm sending in another one! My husband's friend has a heavy copper plate that he has used for welding for many years. It's just beautiful, with blues, red, greens, a combination of patinas from the heat and age. But I can't have it! Your pliers reminded me of it right away. Great inspiration, right in front of you! Love your new color and thoughts of spring!

  28. Just love the eggs!!!! I also had to chuckle about the bird pic at the end!! ;) Oh, and big congratulations on your Jewelry Affaire feature.

  29. Hi, I only just started following your blog, I really like the Easter eggs, beautiful patina.

    Deb x

  30. Shannon, as always you are what inspires me! The colors you create, the designs, patinas, jewelry, techniques, the stories you tell... all of it is something to be admired. Sorry to hear about the loss of your blog list. What a pain! It is not as though you don't have enough things on your mind. Kind of nice to have a clean slate though... don't you think?

  31. Shannon, it's brilliant to pick up a new idea from something mundane. I love that trick. But it takes a special kind of person to see beyond the ordinary and you are definitely that kind! So your reward was a gorgeous new patina color. And our reward is getting to buy some.

  32. I am sorry that it happened but I must say thanks for the hint I would have never thought to back up my various bloglists.

    Your creativity is astounding, to look at your pliers and be inspired is just too cool. The outcome is just way perfect.


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