Friday, April 29, 2011

Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams Book Blog Hop

There is a fascinating online book tour scheduled for promoting the new book by Kerin Gale;

And I have the honor of sharing the list of spectacular artists who are taking part in this blog hop starting Sunday, May 1st!
You are not going to want to miss this, with each new day and each post there will be chances to win prizes. HUGE prizes that would totally help an artist out!
Prizes like;
A free copy of the Inspired Remnants book, a Power Pack by Aves Studio, online workshops in epoxy clay and fluid chalks, frozen Charlotte dolls by Alicia Caudle, the featured art on the cover of the book, Ice Resin, a copy of Explore, Create, Resinate by Jen Cushman, Susan Lenart Kazmer's book Making Connections, some of Susan's bezels and I may have forgotten a few.
Each post will be rich with visual imagery and informative text as each artist shares their personal experience with epoxy clay and discusses the book.
The blog hop ends on the 19th of May with a facebook party!
(My first facebook party! What should I wear? My black pj's or my swimsuit?)

Here is the schedule for the blog hop;

May 1 Kerin Gale; Remnants of Olde
May 2 Alicia Caudle; Altered Bits
May 3 Lesley Venable; Flat Woods Folk Art
May 4 Christine Lehto; Lilly Bug Studio
May 5 Seth Apter; The Altered Page
May 6 Nancy Perennec; Little Bit Wired
May 7 Jen Cushman; Ice Resin 
May 8  Happy Mother's Day!
May 9 Beth Robinson; Strange Dolls
May 10 Brenda Schweder; Brenda Schweder
May 11 Esther Verschoor; Essie's Dolls
May 12 Kecia Deveny; Lemoncholy's Flights of Fancy
May 13 Rachel Whetzel: One Year Art Journal
May 14 Shannon LeVart:
May 15 Marlaine Verhelst; Marlaine Verhelst
May 16 Lisa Jurist; Mud Hound Primitives
May 17 Michelle Bernard; Yesterday's Trash
May 18 Kerin Gale; Remnants of Olde, featuring Alan Rogerson
May 19 Facebook Party!  
Hope to see you there!     


  1. Wow, that sounds really, really great!

  2. I am dying! I drooled over this book at B&N the other day and went back to buy it and it was gone. I hope I win a copy That would be too cool.
    How did the move go? Was thinking about you guys :-)

  3. congratulations shannon! i am dying to get this book and so excited to hear you are a part of the blog hop... looking forward to it!

  4. Hot damn! That sounds like the guest list of my fantasy dinner party! Can I bring the canapes and a bottle of Shiraz? Thank you for sharing this. I will be there with bells on!


    P.S. My word verif. is 'dishymp' as in... "I hate it when my dishymp leaves a watery mess on my counter in the middle of the night, but I love having clean dishes in the morning."


  5. Oh, this sounds like such an awesome hop! I can't wait for it....the list of hosts is *incredible*!

  6. I am so intrigued by this wonderful material, I have to check it out! Fun party, going to make it! Riki

  7. Thanks for sharing the step by step on your beautiful tree!! Colleen Peck


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