Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How are you?

I have to tell you I am crazy happy.
Like, wander the grocery store in a full length mumu with a bloody mary in one hand as I wink sloppily at the bagger boy, humming a Jimmy Buffet song, happy.
This is a happy created not by alcohol but by the fulfillment of a plan.
But it is a silly happy like that. 
I feel bubbly and giggly and completely and totally in love with my husband and my kiddos, my new house and our new community.

It has been hectic. Most of my spare time is spent with the kids and trying to make our new home comfortable for them . While Pinky adjusts to major changes well and thrives on chaos, my boy, Boo, is slower to take to changes and requires more time and mindful attention.
But we have Spy Camp coming up and hopefully this will allow him to meet other kids who have the same interests as him. 
I love everything about where we live and look forward to exploring more and sharing what I find.
The only problem I am having right now is finding a spot to write in.
Before I had a comfy throne that surveyed my humble kingdom. But now the comfy throne is too far away from the booster thingy that wireless requires to run (I have no idea what I am talking about here) and I can't research online properly. I sit on my bed and type, but I can only sit cross legged for a few minutes at a time. 
We are going garage sale-ing again in hopes of finding a good table or desk for me to sit at.
But this is in addition to the table and chairs we are purchasing for our.......
We have the best space ever for holding in home workshops and both Mike and I are very excited to put this together for like souls that crave metal wreckage.
The first workshop will be

It will cover from start to finish;
1. Where to purchase the least expensive supplies.
2. How to shape, measure, and cut custom made links. QUICKLY.
3. How to solder, hammer, grind and join 6 different types of hand forged chain.
4. What patinas to use, what not to use, how to apply them, layer them, alter them and professionally seal them.
5. Finally we will embellish our chains with handmade headpins (sharing our secret to creating lots of headpins in a short time!), antiqued wire, beads, fibers, shells and tumbled glass.

Our new space allows for 15 people at a time!
That's a party.
So the first task is finding nearby suitable accommodations for our out of town guests. Once I am comfortable with that selection, I can safely schedule the first series of workshops, starting in June. 
Thank you for sharing our excitement and continuing to visit my blog even though the interaction has been minimal. It really is temporary until we are settled in and I can spend more time online.

I leave you with Pinky, trying her first steamed clam.....

She LOVED them!


  1. Im so happy that the move is delivering all you hoped for - what a great renewal for you all, and the children will settle soon, especailly with all that wonderful sun and sand, and happy mom + dad.. Vicki :)

  2. Shannon, I'm so happy for you! Getting settled in a new home, in a new state has to be a handful. I'm glad the kiddos seem to be doing will in their new surroundings.

    Having a place for workshops is exciting! Your chain workshop sounds wonderful and I hope you will do an online one (or a tutorial in PDF form) so us folks a few hundred miles away can join the fun too!

  3. Wow...congratulations...and look at you planning a workshop already...What a beautiful home too and your walk to the beach.....Fan tas tic. glorious.

  4. welcome to warm weather living,your house looks wonderful.. how very exciting you will be able to give workshops..

  5. That is the best kind of Happy there is! I am so happy for you and your sweet family.
    Oh so jealous of anyone who gets to visit and learn from such a fantastic and gifted artist!

  6. Your happiness is bubbling over the internet and I could not be happier for you all! Your new home is so charming, I love it!

  7. I have to budget a trip to FL!

  8. Oh- I wish I were in a mumu humming jimmy buffet at the grocery store! LOL! So glad you are happy.

    Sooo exciting on your workshop! How fun! Wish I could come for it!

    Hope spy camp is a good time for your son. My son would be the one who takes some time to adjust too. I am sure he will fall in love with that area, how could you not? I can almost hear the sea gulls in your post!

  9. I am SO HAPPY to read this -- it sounds like the move has gone wonderfully and you all are settling in nicely. Find yourself a new throne and all will be as it must be. Just fantastic -- thank you for the update, and I look forward to hearing more about your new life!

  10. Oh Shannon I feel giddy with happiness for you! Im so so so happy for you guys wow! Classes wont that be wonderful! I can only Imagine your sun~kissed Blessed days with each other. Yall are so blessed! Send me some seashells and glass! Many many huggs Shan..the Lord is so so good. xox
    And it takes how long to walk to the Beach?

  11. So wonderful to hear your happiness in your new home. You went through so much to get to where you are today - and I'm happy that you are now enjoying it! Your workshop space looks perfect...and I agree with Alice, an online class would be fantastic for those too far away. :-)

  12. Fantastic to see life going so well for you all and confirming that you made the right decision to move. Good luck with the workshops...If only I were nearer :0)

  13. Ohhh - I wish I could join you. ever thought about moving to Germany...:-)

  14. The chain on the cover looks amazing!

  15. I am just so danged happy for you all! Classes? Are you kidding me? I want to come. Okay... I will start saving my pennies for the day when I can come and party at Shan's house. It looks so sunny and bright and full of space for new wishes and hopes and dreams. And I quite like that image I have of you now wandering the aisles at the grocery store in a muumuu. *wink*
    Enjoy the day!

  16. I am so happy for you guys! AWESOME about the space for the workshops and I can't wait to see what comes about!

  17. ooooh, sounds like a great workshop. too bad I'm on the other side of the country!

  18. I'm so happy for you and your family! It looks like everything is coming together - it takes a while to get settled. :-) Good luck with your workshops!

  19. Hi Shannon! I'm so happy you are loving your new home! I would love to sign up for your class since I am so fortunate to live close to you now. Can you put me on your list and give me more details when you have them? I have been wanting to learn about patinas and such. Please let me know if you need help setting up or getting ready, I would love to help!!

  20. I've been waiting for house and other pictures, beautiful everything!! Good for you, spending time for the kiddo's readjustment. Oooh, the workshops! Just what I always wanted to know! While checking out lodging, could you find nearby golf courses - for my "Mr. Supportive, but Loves Golf"-husband? Really, he can do that himself, if it comes to that! I'm dreaming of that workshop, just in case....

  21. What a cute house! Looks airy&sunny! Best of luck with your unpacking.

  22. So happy for you!!! Love seeing your pictures and hearing your plans! Super cute little house, looks like very usable, comfy interior space. You will make friends fast with your workshops! Can't wait to hear more!

  23. So glad for your happiness--its contagious! How wonderful to have space for in-home workshops! I live on the completely opposite corner of the country (WA), otherwise I'd attend! Wishing you continued JOY!

  24. I would love, love, love to take one of your workshops, but alas a trip to Fl is not in the stars. In the near future anyway. Any thoughts of doing an ecourse? I took Stephanie Lee's and it was a fabulous layout and system. Would totally be on board if you ever did anything like that. Hint, hint, hint.

  25. Hi Shannon, Welcome to Florida. It is wonderful to hear about your new home and all the happy adventures of settling in. It is exciting and I am happy for you and your family. Will you be able to see the shuttle launch? you are not too far away. I think there is one more launch left. Workshops, great! Happy Mother's Day!

  26. I am just catching up on all your travel posts. You new home and community look wonderful. What a great beach. How lucky you are!! I am so glad you made the move without any problems. Thank you so much for sharing all the pics and thoughts about your move. Wonderful!!

  27. Shannon, I'm happy you landed safely and seem to content. Having just moved myself (as you know) I am sympathizing with you and excited about your new opportunities! Cheers, and BIG MOVING HUGS!

  28. What a happy post to read. Your workshop plans sound amazing!

  29. What a lovely location! And how exciting about your workshop plans! Who know...maybe I"ll be able to attend one some day (wish wish!)!
    Starry Road Studio

  30. I don't remember the last time I heard anyone declare they were "crazy happy." That's the best. I wish you and your hubby much success with the workshops.

  31. Glad for your hectic happiness! and the workshop!!..oh.can I come?

  32. I am SO happy for you! This is GREAT!!!!! xox jean

  33. love love love your tree!!! I am so excited about trying this media..
    With every blog hop tour.. I get more and more inspired. I see my post didn't make it due to technical difficulties according to gmail..

  34. So happy you have achieved this most important of goals, happy happy, happy for YOU!.

    Desperately wish I could attend your workshop classes, good luck with it all and God's blessings for you and the family in all that you all endeavour to do.

    I have never met you but truly love you and your lovely family.

    Keep well, Kella.

  35. Oh Miss Shannon, I'm so very happy to come to your blog and see how happy and successful you are my dear! It makes my heart rise up with joy seeing your dreams come true. :)

    Loved the articles on Selling Your Jewelry! I'm going to have to bookmark them and come back to them when I am ready to take that step.


    p.s. Pinky's grown up so much!! She's beautiful!


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