Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Benthic Blue

The recipe;
1 cup of obsession for the sea
2 feet pure copper chain
1 cup of ocean blue patina
1 swipe of laurel green patina
1 pinch of gold dust
lots of of lacquer and wax
Paired with "Roman Glass" and antiqued sterling wire.

Oh. Yeah.
This piece went to Michelle Mach (her blog is a must read!) but I had to create more!
This was what motivated me to unpack the patina desk and get to work re-creating!

Benthic Blue Collection for You available here.


  1. This stunning necklace leaves me nearly speechless Shannon!

    What gorgeous colors! And the Roman Glass gives it a mysterious quality congering up all sorts of tales!

  2. Moooooove over sea glass! That roman glass is wonderful! Love how you pulled out the blue hints in the chain color! LOVE it!

  3. Woohoo! I love that blue! (Hey, that rhymes!) Enjoy the day!

  4. Oh WOW id that gorgeous - reminds me of King Neptune! Stunning!

  5. The blues are so gorgeous..I especially love the chain! What wonderful creations you make!

  6. Love the Roman glass pieces with the blue chain. It's such a pretty necklace. It's exciting that you have unpacked the patina desk. It may just inspire me to do more with the patinas I have from you. I'll take the next step and work with some of the warm patinas. It sounds like you have landed in a wonderful place!
    xo B

  7. Love the Roman glass, I have a box of it. Hum?! I will have to pull it out. I guess I need some of your new chain. I have lots of ocean inspired pieces to work on right now.

  8. Absolutely beautiful -- that Roman glass is gorgeous.

  9. You and the ocean are getting along just fine! Major inspiration in that Benthic Blue and that necklace, sooo "oceanic"! I could plunge in right now! Nice shell for your prop, too. I suppose you just happened upon it during one of those lovely beach walks, sigh.....

  10. oo la la. the Benthic Blue collection is my new favorite. love all of it!


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