Friday, June 17, 2011

Exclusive Patina Work at Lima Beads

Oh Boy, was I ever thrilled when the buyer for Lima Beads contacted me and asked for a price list.
To be among such fine company as Jangles, C-Koop, Humble Beads
Earthenwood Studio and Gaea, must mean I am creating something of value to the art bead community, right?
The folks at Lima beads have an excellent vision for jewelry making and I am very glad to be a part of it.
Not only is the website really fun to shop, but they have remained focused on the community of jewelry makers, giving us site features like Fresh Picks, The Garden, and the Design Gallery .

Here is the reason I like them;
Oh. Yay. Baby.
I can't get enough.
Lima Beads will be carrying exclusive components from me. 
Beads, links and toggles in colors you can't get elsewhere. 

And a complete Chestnut Opal Collection that includes 2 washes of brown patinas and mica shimmer.
This is my favorite from the whole lot. 
I have had a vision in my head about the kind of brown I would like to create with and while the chestnut alone is wonderful; earthy and rich, the new combination of the 2 brown shades gives the components a variegation and the mica takes it out of this world.

Because I am big on shopping at one place for all your needs, I will be posting regular design ideas that includes parts you can purchase from Lima Beads in one shipment.
This means I have a perfectly good reason to blow a couple hundred at Lima Beads so I am off to shop, hope to see you there!


  1. Congrats! I saw your work at Lima Beads this morning in their email announcement. I'm totally excited for you.

  2. you really have it all going on. i am so proud of the work you are doing... not that i had anything to do with it, but as a fellow jewelry person. it is totally right.

  3. Oh Shannon I am so thrilled for you! All your hard work and now you have an even bigger audience to show it off to! Hugs Hugs and even more Hugs!

  4. Congratulations, Shannon! Wow, big score getting in with Lima Beads! What a good spot for you to have some specialty items. Can't wait for the design ideas, they will be awesome!

  5. Shannon,
    I love these items, so I will be visiting Lima beads soon. Thank you for sharing and creating these lovely items.

  6. Awesome news, Shannon! congrats!

  7. This is so great Shannon! Such excellent news!! Go out and Celebrate this weekend! Yey!!

  8. I adore Lima Beads, you can find me there under wolfkazzy :) and I was so excited to see your products there yesterday and today I'm even more excited to learn that Lima has exclusives of your stuff. Awesome patina'd sauce! :D

  9. I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am for you! How fantastic!! I am still trying to find the time to experiment on patinas with your amazing tutorial, if only there were more hours in the day and less cleaning to do! Can't wait to see what you cook up with Lima's beads!! ;)

  10. Oh man!! You in de big time now!! How do you manage to make these quantities? I am so impressed with you. You must be a mistress of organization and discipline. I am a mistress of Scrabble. It doesn't get me very far.

  11. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you!!!
    - Karen

  12. I saw that on facebook! Congratulations to you!!!!

  13. I bought some wonderful findings from you last summer for a Silver Bella Swap. I am sooo glad to see you are doing so well. You deserve it!

  14. Beautiful work, Shannon! They're lucky to have you.

  15. Congratulations on being asked to sell at Lima Beads! Happy Father's Day to Mike. Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Congrats! this is great news!

  17. WOOHOO! That is the most awesome news. I met someone from Lima at B&B. You do deserve to be right in there, and I love Lima Beads. Their fresh picks are super fun and addicting!
    Way to go, Shan!
    Enjoy the day!

  18. Yes, I think you are making a huge contribution to the unique world of creative jewelery makers.
    I love your work. Congratulations

  19. You go girl!! You're kickin' a** on the jewelry scene and taking names!!!

  20. Awesome Shannon! A definite compliment and well deserved~


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