Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Work

The same process as the Sea Gypsy Jewels; completely coating a piece of metal in patina and then removing it randomly with a heavy sanding drum. Adding more layers of patina for softly glowing, colorful copper beads!

I did this for charms also and will be working on several batches of these as time allows.
I have had a lost shipment of copper bring me back to the drawing board for more charm pairs, needing to cut sheet metal to new measurements.

I'm thinking of getting rough cut stones and ceramic beads then hanging the charms from them for easy, swingy earrings.

I am calling these Bounty due to the harvest colors.
But I am not waiting until Fall to add these to the shop, I have already started making earrings for Fall shows.
What are you making? Any certain color combos you are focusing on?

My hubby built box;
Like a printer's drawer! But with LOVE glued in.
So there among the little wood compartments is an assortment of the usual warm fall colors; yellow, orange and brown but I mixed in some perwinkle, sky blue, lavender and black.
Now for some etched, matte glass or stones.....
Or maybe organic shaped metal frames?

With danglies?


Oh man, am I having fun now!?!

How about this bracelet, using 8mm chestnut and saffron with 12mm violet and paprika and a big verdigris roundell?
I like this one's jangle.

I have named it.....
"Welcome to my Fiesta!"


  1. Beautiful work! I love the colors and textures - everything!

  2. Just the most divine explosion of colour. The patinas are beautiful and I love the earrings and bracelet....heck I love it all.

  3. S- love what you have achieved patina wise with the beads etc - gives the pieces of work that totally individual appearance. I am not a maker of jewellery but can appreciate the mini sculptural nature of the metal beads and plates. Go well. B

  4. Your Fiesta is grand! I love all the warm fall colors, and I love your energy coming from Florida. Happy days.

  5. As always, everything is gorgeous! Love the earrings and the bracelet, the colors are so energetic! Great patina technique, would love to try it, but I'm currently running back and forth to northern WI for the flea markets. I'm way behind in jewelry production, oops, I mean creation, but it sort of feels like production when the pressure is really on! Someone bought the necklace with the sea grass dangles (on my blog)! She just loved it when I explained what the sea grass was. Went by my tent today and opened her raincoat (yeah) to show that she had worn it "just for me"! That's what makes it fun!

  6. They're all so gorgeous! Yummy colors!


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