Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Shell Talisman

I braided a lot in January.
All my favorite colors of Irish linen with little bits of pressed and molded precious metal silver.
Knotted securely onto a hammered sterling hook clasp in a choker style. 
This is the one I put on;

Before I even had the money together to move to the sea! 
I haven't taken it off since January.
It has showered with me every day, had perfume sprayed on it, sweated with me, survived several trips to the ocean and other various vigorous activities.
And I sleep with it on.

I am completely impressed with it's durability. 
The linen has simply softened, and where the metal rubs against it, it has not even begun to show signs of wear,  the hook stays closed, the silver secure. 
I forget it is on.

So this is good news for our active gals.
A personal talisman necklace that goes where ever you go and keeps up with everything you do.

Available through the slevart shop here.


  1. Isn't great when you create a piece of wearable art that stands the test of time.

  2. Oh those are so beautiful! I love how you have captured the beauty of them and tested their durability. You are a gifted designer!

  3. love these..and it's especially wonderful it will wear so well.

  4. Love it! I might have to save up for one...any fleurs de lis??

  5. I'm glad you are loving the linen! It's probably my favorite material to work with and I use a lot of it in my jewelry. I love to braid it, too. I've heard it's not recommended to get Irish waxed linen wet, but I have not experimented with that myself so I can not say, BUT it is VERY durable. I have several necklaces that I wear all the time that Nora yanks on constantly. I never worry about them breaking.

  6. Gorgeous, Shannon! I'm a huge fan of waxed linen and have been using it a lot!

  7. Love your Talismans, no surprise there!
    Don't you just love making your own cord? I'm totally addicted. There's some great how-to videos on YouTube for fancy dancy braids that are lots of fun, my favorite is the 5 loop braid - time consuming but beautiful.

  8. Really pretty. you are a living proof of your product ...

  9. The pendants are just beautiful! I love the rustic look and how wonderful they are so durable

  10. These are wonderful! So grounded and peaceful,love them. Riki

  11. Boy. You sold me on Irish linen. I'm going to have to find me some of that! - Kathy

  12. Awesome pieces and I love to be able to put on a necklace and forget it is there. I want it to last with all that I do. Fabulous idea Shannon!


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