Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stephanie Wells - The Earring Style Book

My Review;
I love it.

I love the inspirational design boards inside; full of textures and great color combinations.
I like the durability of the hand built frames she helps us measure out. 
And I really like how you can use these frames as bases for branching out in your own earring style.
I went for copper.

Warm and gingery from antiquing with not a sparkling thing but a shiva shell.

She calls this style "Casablanca".
Stephanie writes;
"Intended to represent the shape and allure of a Moroccan lamp, the Casablanca earrings evoke the bohemian and exotic."
Yes! There's that word again; bohemian.
Oh so in tune with my mind these days.

I had a great time putting these together with the help of Stephanie's book. I will need a little practice for more evolved styles but I am eager to try more!
Don't let the "capturing celebrity style" and name dropping put you off, this book is filled with handmade artisan earring styles that I think you will enjoy making.

Please consider Stephanie's book for your how-to shelf by purchasing a new copy here;


  1. I love making earrings! This looks like a great book to have. Your copper and shell earrings are lovely.

  2. Gorgeous earrings!! Love your review~

  3. I totally love this book too! I did a set of wedding jewelry for the bride, her mother and two attendants that was using some of the earring techniques in this book. But instead of earrings we used the ideas for pendants. They are quite large, and that is not really my style, nor the bride's, but they worked beautifully for showcasing some stunning beads around their necks! I can't wait to see pictures.
    Enjoy the day, Shan!

  4. I got this book and loved it too. so many swingy earrings!

  5. I've got this book and agree with your comments, it is fabulous and full of inspiration. I love your Casablanca earrings!
    Deb x

  6. This is a great book. So many great ideas!

  7. Beautiful earrings - exactly what I imagined when I bought the book. Comment: I`ve just written to the publisher about the numerous errors in the book, and now I`m wondering if I have an old print run. The recommended mandrel size for the Casablanca earrings, for example,is given as 1/4", yet the width is 1". There are numerous examples of this sort of thing in other projects. My copy says First Edition. Is yours different? Thanks!

  8. Beautiful earrings - exactly what I imagined when I bought the book, not being a gold-filled kind of girl. I've just written the publisher about the numerous errors in mandrel sizes and wire lengths and am starting to wonder if I have an old print run. Recommended mandrel size for the Casablance earrings is 1/4", obviously too small. Is your copy different? (I have First Edition) Thanks!


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