Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Sale We Call Mikes Ladies

It has come to my attention that as sweet as my husband is for helping me get missficklemedia organized, inventoried and shipped, he still should have his own "thing". You know, the "thing" that you are passionate about. The thing you think about all the time and talk incessantly to your burnt out friends and family about.
Mine is my business. I will talk someone into the ground about online business, specifically art jewelry.
But making Mike work over time to help me meet crazy deadlines is not why I moved this fella to Florida.
No, the real reason was to dress him up as Poseidon and take pictures on the beach.
Again with the jokes!
But seriously, his blood counts are holding steady with the increased steroid and he is back out, living it up on disc golf courses through-out Florida.
He has agreed to keep his extra curricular activities to 2 per week, but I couldn't talk him out of surfing, he gave up softball instead. It isn't that I am a mean wife, but his arm wound still has the smallest circle of re-growing skin. The ocean keeps it from healing completely and with his condition, he is more susceptible to infections.
So he needs to just calm down and learn to balance all the things he has wanted to do for so long but couldn't.
Before he steps down as business manager, he would like to have a sale.
I have agreed because it is coming from a well of over flowing gratitude on my part.
There have been times when we didn't know how to afford food and pay overdue bills, and often throughout the last year, some of you would come to our shop and place orders with us, saving us in the nick of time. I know a few of my most valued customers have spent money on our products that went directly to health care for Mike.
Thank you for that.  
From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
So please use the coupon code  mikesladies2011  for 15% off any item in our shop until Oct. 22nd.
(And thank you in advance for letting me have extra time to process these orders on my own!)

We will continue to make a few changes in our shop. Tiding things up, deactivating old listings I am totally bored making. Adding new things on a whim. Changes of that fickle nature.
I plan to keep making changes until I start to have some fun again of my own.


  1. I'm so happy to see Mike doing the things he loves. He certainly deserves all the good things that come his way. You are a wonderful wife, mother, and artist. Though times have been tough, sometimes frightenly tough, you are blessed.

    As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Oh Shannon! Mike does look awesome and I am so happy that he is holding steady! I would love to be one of Mike's ladies but that isn't going to happen right now but I will blog about it to spread the word!

    Hugs always to you and that awesome family of yours!

  3. Gorgeous cuffs!! Just gorgeous!!

  4. Meow! Mike, you look good! LOL!! Go Shannon! I think I need to go shop ;)
    Glad you guys are doing so well! <3

  5. You will have fun again, I guarantee it xxx

  6. Love the stuff you make, though I know it ain't pretty when it's no longer fun. That's for sure. Here's to having fun!! Happy Sunday.


  7. I am so glad Mike is doing well and may I say he is looking FINE! It sounds like Florida is really agreeing with the both of you. Much success with the Mike sale!

  8. Mike ROCKS!!!! It is so nice to see pictures of him having fun. He's beautiful. You're beautiful. I look forward to hearing when he discovers "his thing." Haha, that sounds funny. Yay for you guys!!

    Soon your children will be old enough to work for you. I'm guessing the boy child has some workplace skills by now.

  9. Things are looking up. How can I tell? You are making plans and fun is part of the plan.

  10. No love in this blog

  11. Why would I buy jewlery from you. And you call yourself a business women?

  12. Hey Shannon,
    I almost missed this sale you should have totally shared it on fb!
    I am off to do some shopping even thought I have totally blown my bead budget for, um, the rest of the year. Ah well.
    I am so glad Mike is doing well.
    If you ever need help I know I am a world away but I would help you in any way I could.


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