Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Have the Biggest Scissors of You All.

Just kidding. 
Did that annoy you, that tone of voice I had there in my title? It's supposed to be funny. 
But that doesn't always translate well online so I most likely come off as more obnoxious than anything else.
I am aware of that and I am working on it.
I like the corrective comments left with posts but sometimes it gets old having to explain your sense of humor to some poor soul who is intent on reading blogs so they can correct the world.
If you post anything critical, 
I have decreed, for this be my domain, 
whether about me or another person, it will not be published.
I would love to offer free speech here, but freedom will be removed in the face of abuse.

Anything you need to say, can be said nicely without name calling or damage to one's online reputation.
But you had better bring fact and not speculation and gossip.

Oh, and check out my new tin snips;


  1. I can totally hear your tone of voice in the title (and the post) and I love it. Even though I've never even heard your voice. I'm imagining it. Good for you for making this a forum of positivity, even in the comments. This is your blog. Make it how you want!

  2. whoppers for sure...
    this is your domain, shan... yours to guard as you wish... i really like this decree...

  3. LOL!!! that made me laugh :D ... and then wonder ... what exactly brought on this post :)

  4. Rock out with your big bad scissors and awesome attitude! Love ya!

  5. I wrote this on Oct. 13th.

    2 days before Mike's mom attacked me over email and left really nasty blog comments on my Mike's Ladies Sale post.

    At the time, he had been away from home for 4 weekends in a row. I had a trip planned to go to Chicago to visit a friend. It was the first time I ever left my family in the 12 years I had gotten married and had children. It meant a lot to me and I was surprised and upset that Mike had scheduled a disc golf tournament during the same weekend, thinking he should be home to oversee the kids and the business.

    I worked online the whole weekend in Chicago, trying to put money into the account that he was using during his weekend out. Especially when I needed to purchase food from the same account.

    Then the attack on my post from his mom.

    Then I couldn't get a hold of Mike, not the whole weekend, until he texted me saying he was pulled over and was getting a ticket!

    I was furious at this point and felt what I had written about him was on the kind side after what he had done. His moms criticism was totally clueless and one-sided. And she has never apologized for what she said.

    (It wasn't until later I found out he was cheating on me during this very weekend.)

    I have posted it now, because it is VERY relevant to what is being left on comments lately and I think I should have had the guts to post it back then in Oct., when his mom was so off her rocker about nothing.

  6. I love your sense of humor Shannon! You're the very first blog I started following because of the way you speak your mind. You lay it all out there and anyone can see how much of your heart you put into your art and your family. Thanks for keeping it real!

  7. I can hear the tone in the title.
    That's the only thing about written text, you usually can't quite hear the tone of another person. I made that mistake yesterday when a friend was kidding with me about something and although they wrote LOL at the end, I absolutely though they were serious. It was a disaster of a conversation online to say the least. LOTS of apologizing!!

    Anyway, I LOVE your new comment policy!!
    Applause, applause, applause. . .shoot. . .STANDING Ovation!

  8. WOW Shannon, I'm so sorry to hear about your situation! I'd rather people just be up front with me and tell me how it is with no sugar coating. This is what Mike should have done! If people are offended by your "attitude" and want everything soft and fluffy well let them move to the next person in line! I think it defines who we are. Who wants to go through life being someone your not?
    Oh, Love the snips! They are ginormious!

  9. I totally got the tone, and those are AWESOME tin snips! I think you really do have the biggest scissors of everyone! :) As for the ding-dong commentators of the blog world...screw 'em. Your blog, your rules.


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