Thursday, October 13, 2011

Too late for Summer,

too inappropriate for Fall and Winter, too early for Spring?
 What do you do if you are sitting on a huge box of grungy, faintly-shabby-chic, patina-ted brass flowers?

This story goes back, but it's interesting and there are many facets.
It is hard to think in terms of 6 months in advance but that is as close as I can get to a retail calender.

The saffron daisy and blue rose were vintage stock flowers I sent Lorelei back in 2010(?) to play with and here's what she came up with.

Fantastic mix of color and emotion!
Well, of course, this piece makes the cover of Stringings' Summer 2011 issue;

But at that point I had no more flowers.
But I do now!

So as a thank you, I send a few more flowers to this talented lass and oh. my. gosh. Look what she came up with next;
 Brilliant designer.
I used Lorelei's instructions in the summer issue for constructing the necklace focal piece and created this with my set.

I used the 6 Petal  Mauve Flower and the 8 Petal Verdigris Flower along side a mix of softer colors and metals like brass filigree, ceramic beads by Gaea, ceramic beads by Starry Road Studios, recycled African glass from The Bead Chest .

Oh and an etched copper patina lampwork bead from Indian Creek Art Glass!
(oh my pretties, my lovely little pretties.)

The next set, and the last I set aside for myself, will be done up all wood, shell and tropical glam style.
Yep, it is never too late for flowers.
Thank you for the inspiration, Lorelei! I am sure I speak for several people whom you have inspired.
Lorelei's Blog.


  1. i agree,flowers are not just for spring and summer..your patina colors are beautiful..the saffron, rust and teal work in any season.

  2. I love both yours and Lorilei designs they are beautiful. I agree flowers are year round.

  3. Those are gorgeous designs and I LOVE those flowers!

  4. Just to take this one step further - you HAVE TO read this recent blog entry of mine:

    I promise, it's relevant!

  5. Lorelei is so talented. I swear she could make something beautiful out of an old sweaty sock!

    Your patina colors are just gorgeous, and would be wonderful in any season.

  6. I think these colours and flower themes are not season specific at all. Besides, in the southern half of the world it is spring time. Lorelei rocks the design and she's done gorgeous things with your components.

  7. Oh how lovely! I think these work for ANY time of year! I love Lorelei's work - she is an awesome designer!

  8. Each design is really gorgeous and colorful. to say the least! I would be happy to wear any of them! We need flowers every day!

  9. Flowers are never inappropriate in my book, Shannon! Love them!

  10. these!!! Please make more to share with the rest of us! Love the necklace too! Keep up the amazing work Miss Shannon :)

  11. I second Nan. Have a GOOD weekend:))

  12. I love those flowers and think they are all gorgeous designs. It is never too late for flowers/plants. (Except in Texas with 106 degree heat still in October and a 13 month drought) :(

  13. I love the ones I bought from you in your grab bags what feels like ages ago -- next year, new challenges, new jewelry for me, I'm hoping!


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