Thursday, December 15, 2011

What can we do?

We must do something.
Judith B is fighting, bravely and with her usual class and beauty, lesions on her brain and nodes on her lungs.
And Sparrow Salvage, oh no, this is bad, she was just in a car accident and lost her mama.
Her Mama.
She is recuperating in the hospital and has lost income from the time spent there.

I feel helpless alone but as several friends just demonstrated to me, as a group, we can HELP.
We can believe in miracles and send over coming strength, we can send lovely things in the mail that adds bright light to their difficult days, we can collect money to help ease their discomfort and pay bills.

All I can do at this point is redirect some of the funds that were collected on my behalf, but Fanciful Devices is having a raffle on Sparrow's behalf and you can donate to help this beautiful person through this awful time, just like you did for me.
We just have to do something.
A little can be combined to become a lot. I know this, because a little over 60 women (plus the angel that is known as Andrew Thornton) just saved my business.
so I can add you to this newly formed group that remains active to help others.
(Just a note that the group is secret and closed to protect anonymity of those in the future that require aid, I have to add you myself after we have become friends on facebook. Thank you!) 


  1. Add me to your circle, I will help with prayers and donations in cash and kind.

  2. You know I am in, Miss Shan. I love Miss Judy and have been praying for her. And I am a new follower of Sparrow Salvage. This is just so sad. I will do what I can to help.

    Enjoy the day.

  3. Hi Shannon, I just sent you a friend request, please add me to Artists Helping Artists. I will help any way I can with healing thoughts and donations! Thank you Penny Neville

  4. I will do what I can to help. Judy is in my prayers. Please add me to Artist Helping Artists. Pam

  5. Me too Shan. We stick together in the good and bad times.

  6. Add us; we have contributed to causes like Andrew's and Nancy S's, last year and would love to be on the list. Joan Tucker, Off Center Productions;

    Thanks, Joan T


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