Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I get to ship out mags to Shelby and Rose!
Thanks for commenting and most of you were right;
It's Honest Abe!
Pinky made a portrait for Presidents day and she was so anxious about how he looked, I guess that is how all of us artists are, never quite happy with the end result?
But you all made her feel better and she now believes it looks like Abe Lincoln.

Are you through the Bead Soup blog posts yet? 
I am not even close, not sure why I thought Saturday would be sufficient to get through them, but it wasn't!
So I will put off drawing a name for the earring kit for a few more days.
Talk to you soon!
Much Love & Respect,


  1. Congratulations to the winners! I'm hoping to finish up with reading all the bead soup posts today. I have about 20 left to go.

  2. Yea! Happy Dance! I'm not through Bead Soup posts yet either, still plugging along.

  3. *dances* YAY! I have quite a bad magazine addiction but have cut back quite a bit the last few months... this is one that I've always wanted to buy but just couldn't bring myself to.

    AND now, I will finally have an issue... You're a terrible enabler :P I will probably end up adding this title to my "must buy" list.


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