Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I imagine you....

and the hard day you've had. 
The less than ideal job you've had to put up with today. The rude, unhappy people who tried to spread their negativity to you, the feeling of being out of place and having to do something you didn't want to do.
I imagine you coming home, to your sanctuary. 
You collect your mail and there is a package from 

You forget your hard day, you forget your troubles for awhile as you unceremoniously dump your work crap on the counter and rip open your package.
There is the familiar kraft paper wrapping and bakers twine, you see it all there and your mind begins racing;
this link with that bead you've been hoarding, this clasp for the unfinished bracelet waiting for you, these pairs of beads for the new earring collection you have hovering in your mind, the hoops unlike any other you've seen, this pendant for your friend to go with this chain that makes you think of far off places.

You scramble for your tools, you begin sorting and stringing and nothing else matters as you allow the creativity that simmers beneath your surface to surge through your mind and hands.
You lose yourself in color and texture and technique as your jewelry comes together.

The day ends not so bad after all.
See what has come from your energy?
You are okay, you are talented, you are right where you want to be and not only ready for the next day, but excited about it.  

Thank you for giving my work purpose. 
Thank you for allowing me to take your mind off your troubles for awhile in a healthy productive way.
Because that is what you do for me.


  1. Oh you and your work have so much purpose and being that you are one of the sweetest women on the planet is such a bonus!!!! I have felt that feeling and yes the boost was so incredible! Thank you again for that!

  2. you just described my day. xo love it.

  3. What an inspiring post Shannon! Thank you for all your hard work and for the beautiful pieces you create! What you do makes so many others happy and that's a great gift to give to people!

  4. This is one of the most wonderfully positive posts I have read. Your work can indeed change lives.

  5. Exactly! That is exactly it! You must be watching us when we open that precious little package. Because it is a slice of heaven I tell you, sent from an angel. You are that angel. Never doubt the power of that tiny humbly wrapped gift. Because that is what it is. A gift of creativity waiting to be opened and explored!
    This post just put the biggest smile on my face! Thinking of you, Miss Shannon!
    Enjoy the day.

  6. That's a huge WIN-WIN arrangement! And you have precisely described the experience of a Missfickle arrival! Please just keep hammering and soldering and putting patina on everything because we can't create without it! OR without you for that matter, you're an inspiration in more ways than you know. I'm sure you picked up the hammer many times when you just wanted to hide under a blanket all day. But a blanket day is a good thing sometimes. I guess it's all about balance!

  7. I know exactly how you feel. I sold an actual piece of jewelry the other day and it felt good to think that there's a very special someone who's going to get this awesome gift made by me! (Definitely made me smile, and just so you know, when I get packages from you, that is exactly what happens!)

  8. Holy cow, are you hiding in my kitchen?? While I have just discovered you and have never purchased anything from you, I do exactly what you described!! ;) I rip open packages, oooohhh and ahhh and the crap of the day melts away and I am happy, sipping my wine and creating treasures.

  9. Shannon what a beautiful post. This is exactly why I love your blog.....real and geniune. No pretending everything is great, you let people in and share your heart....bad days, good days, happy, sad, angry, grateful. Most of us are too guarded and afraid to be who we really are. Thank you for giving others the courage to do the same!

  10. You have described EXACTLY what happens when I receive a package from you! Sometimes I start playing immediately. Other times I put all my Missficklemedia treasures in one of my pottery bowls next to my bed and just gaze at it - this makes me smile.:)

  11. Yes! I have the honor of being the first to comment on this lovely chain of say that you are my goddess and to give you many hugs of gratitude.

  12. Beautifully written! We all sure need this kind of thinking, don't we Shannon? Sending a big hug, Riki

  13. shannon, this is a beautiful post - your gift and hard work do so much for people...


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