Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ribs & Moonshine's accountant celebrated with me on a narrowly missed OWE turned RETURN, with BBQ ribs and Apple Pie Moonshine.

My Pops
The goods being produced ....

(I hope Erin brought me a bead back from Philly!)

The man who accompanied me during their construction;
Citizen Cope

I LOVE how he thinks about women and the way he has overcome personal tragedy, his rise in fame and respect in the music industry and his remaining humble attitude.
Plus it is so much safer to develop a crush on an unobtainable guy, then say....
one who lives across the highway. 

This is a link to my favorite playlist of his work;

 Okay! Back to work! I've got some brush finishing to do!


  1. I seriously need to be as productive as you :)

  2. listening, l.o.v.e. him...
    i often work to the red hot chili peppers and dave matthews - seems i have some downloading to do!
    good job, shan - you certainly do work hard and earned that return...
    send some moon shine my way, would ya?! hope you enjoyed the celebration -

  3. Your Pops, what a guy! Glad you had something to celebrate regarding taxes!! Can I just come and roll around in those rings? That's some major production and achievement, good job! Thanks for showing us before you grabbed your hammer again!

  4. YAY! Shannon! I was just thinking about you. Glad to see the order is coming along, thank you! Wow, that is a lot of links...and ear wires. Did I really order that much? ;) Hope I can pull off selling this class. I feel prepared and ready, so bring it on! Hope to see you in August and I will most certainly have a bead for you and we'll toast to us with some Moonshine...or at least a cocktail! Love ya, Babe.

  5. I love Citizen Cope! His girl Alice Smith is really amazing too!
    I saw them both in NYC at a concert he hosted for FREE! It's still one of the best nights of my life :)

  6. S-wow that is one big heap of productivity - amazing - you deserve earn on this one. I have been using your ear wires - they have worked out really well. B


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