Saturday, April 21, 2012

Copper Ring Drops

Well now, I couldn't just have sterling and brass, could I?
Remember these?
I renamed them Rain Chains because I wasn't as sad anymore and I like this suggestion by
Carol D. of Dillman's Dallies 
Maybe I will make some real rain chains when I have a house!?!
The copper will patina beautifully after repeated moisture and heat cycles!
Until then, I have these to enjoy!

Copper Ring Drops
Named by Miss Lana Kinney on facebook.
Are you my friend on facebook?
If not, how come? I'm super friendly and share lots of good info annnnnd you're gonna like my friends!

Oh Yeah! Here are some copper chain sections you can get straight to embellishing on;
Interlocking Hammered Copper Chain Segments


  1. Beautiful! And I do love the name that Lana suggested.

  2. Shannon those earrings ar GORGEOUS!!! I love them!!!! Mom has been threatening for a good five years she was going to make herself a rainchain; she finally bought one :)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Love these - and the exciting possibilities of using those chain segments for similar explorations!

  4. Love it in all its dangly glory!!

  5. Beautiful, Shannon! They look like they'd be so fun to wear. <3

  6. S-good to be in a better place and to be able create a similar pair or earrings and yet find a new name and new vibe with them. Goo for you. Go well. B

  7. The Rain Chains are amazing! I might have stopped at three rings, but yours have so much more drama! But the best part is that you said you're not so sad any more!! Celebrate and keep on moving forward!


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