Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Christian Turns 12

The boy is now a pre-teen. 

I stand in awe at the power of hormones as this once smiling, delighted-in-the-world-around him, fat, eat anything, tow headed toddler turns into a sarcastic, slovenly man-child with the wit of Oscar Wild and Anthony Bourdain mixed together as a food critique.
He's hard to pin down so I haven't gotten to his interview yet but here's what I do know about he who inhabits the man cave below;

He has written over 22 chapters for the fictional writers site fanfiction.com.
He refuses to compete in a sport.
He likes hash browns from Denny's but not IHOP.
He likes orange, green and red, the brighter the better.
He is a weapons expert.
He has a world travel plan that requires an RV (Mexico) Flight (Greece) and a Train (Russia). But he would also like to visit Vietnam.
He is losing his interest in animals :( due to allergies we haven't been able to start treating yet.
He can dominate a new video game within a couple of months and prefers free-roam games.
He likes music from the 1930's.
He can mimic most accents but his Scottish accent is the best.
He has dance moves that he busts out when no one is watching.
He doesn't like scary, medical things and refused to watch House with me when we had a TV.
He can stay awake until 3:00 am and sleep until 1:00pm if I let him.
All he needs to live on is nachos.
I have a roller coaster buddy for life. Any time, any kind, anywhere. This boy rides.
He totally gets Monty Python and has watched several recordings on netflix, snuggled in the blankies, eating chips with me (BEST NIGHT EV-AR.)
He thinks he is too skinny and dorky looking but I'm happy to disagree....

I see the heart-breaker in his smile!
Happy Birthday, my Boo Boy, it is a pleasure to watch you grow and make fun of the world around you.



  1. They grow up way too quickly, don't they? And those pre-teen thru teen-age years are something to behold!

  2. Well said. I couldn't have said it better myself.

  3. Well said. I couldn't have said it better myself.

  4. I just love your knowledge of your sweet guy! It is amazing to see them grow at each stage. My daughter will be impressed when I tell her about how many chapters he has written. She is on that too! Happy Birthday!

  5. He is a handsome one! That smile will be melting hearts all over the heartland soon enough. My boy is 14 and all of a sudden in May the hormones broke loose. I am worried for what my future holds! Happy happy day to the birthday boy and happy happy day to his momma celebrating 12 years of mommyhood!
    Enjoy the day, Miss Shannon!

  6. Happy Birthday to your boy. They are amazements aren't they and yes, such a pleasure to witness the world thru your offspring's eyes.
    Mine turns a big 29 tomorrow, I can hardly believe it but I do remember him at age 12. Enjoy every moment with him. Big question is will he still snuggle in a chair with you like mine still did at age 12?

  7. Happy Birthday to the young man! It's amazing how quick they grow and progress into little people with their own likes and dislikes.

  8. I'm still enjoying the Pinky post and here's Christian! Your 2 kids are the greatest, Shannon! What a great idea to interview and help them remember what they were like and how they changed each year. That must be your new house in the background, so pretty! Good, good, good for all of you!

  9. My goodness Shannon. Missed this post. Boy, does he look grown-up all of a sudden! I hope his day was special, and how special of you to note all of his fantastic traits!


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