Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sky is the Limit by Rebelution

I hope you're ready for this guy!

No Time for the wicked
If you're in my line, I'm gonna go around the side
and still bring it.
The sky is my limit.
Get out of my way, you can't bring me down.

I'm in it for the good vibes together,
and the love lasts forever....

I love how just when I needed new music, I discovered this fella! 
To see tour dates (oh would you look at that, July 19th, right here in Saint Louis!! 10 days before my birthday!!! Why, I can hardly believe the coincidence!!!!) and downloads, please visit here;
To see what I've been up to, late at night, beading in bed...
Visit here;
What have you immersed yourself in, lately?
Much Love & Respect,


  1. Oooo...love the song! Happy music with a positive message!! Love it! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful summer jewelry line!

  2. Cool tunes. Are those blue pearls I see dangling from those ears?? ;-)

  3. Great blog, no about me info.We need some for the beads soup web page.Can you send me something please? Tanya

  4. I love this song! It's so motivating! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hey Shannon, I have something for you here: http://sadafulee.blogspot.com/2012/07/i-got-me-award.html

  6. Hah! I have immersed myself in making as much jewelry as possible because the flea market is going great and the galleries are, too! My husband is helping me! How cool is that?! He has a very good eye for things I would never try! yay! Loved all of your summer jewelry and made comments on your FB. But how do you do all of that in bed? I would have to get up for something else every few minutes!


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