Friday, July 27, 2012

Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Book is available for pre-order!

I have been waiting to share this with you!
Lovely Lori aka Lori Anderson of Pretty Things Blog and Founder of Bead Soup Blog Party has published a book!
The book is compiled in the same spirit of the blog hop with stashes of beads swapped for completed artisan designs and stepped out instructions on each design with variations.
It was a blast being involved and I don't think I will ever get too full for BEAD SOUP!

With projects from the following designers, this publication is sure to have something for everyone to slurp (well, that's how I eat my soup!) their way through;
Melissa Meman
Sharon Palac
Heather Powers
Erin Prais-Hintz
Stefanie Teufel
Cindy Wimmer

So go here for your pre-order,
Lori's special includes 3 free tutorials and and your copy will be autographed!

One of my favorite things about Lori is her ability to bring people together. I have always been shy and socially awkward and I admire people who have a natural encouraging way about them. Time and again, Lori has been there for me; as a person, as an artist and as woman.
And she is also the one you can count on to always comment on your blog posts, which remains a mysterious miracle as to HOW exactly she does that!

Are you coming back for the next Bead Soup reveal?
The scheduled dates are spaced out for extra time to view all the participates;
 July 28th, August 11th and August 25th.
I think mine is on the 28th and I am really excited to share a fellow metal artist with you in addition to some gorgeous polymer clay work!

As an aside, what are your favorite soup recipes? Like for real edible soup?
I think I am going to teach the kiddos how to make soup from scratch this fall and I lack recipes, got any links or family recipes you like?
(if it has cheese in it, you're my new best friend and I'm coming over with a special soup spoon forged from sterling silver)
Much Love & Respect,

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  1. Love the BSBH, only missed the one by lottery. As for soup recipes potato soup rocks~I don't have a real recipe, just cook peeled & cut potatoes,(in broth is good just covered so soup isn't too thin) when done use a stick blender(or reg. blender) to make creamy. You can add butter & cream to taste, of course, but best of all you can treat each bowl like a baked potato & dr it up as desired, cheese,chives,sour cream, or bacon. Just think about making mashed potatoes but you don't drain them, then thin them down to soup. have fun!


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