Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Blue Jewelry

I couldn't even choose another color if I tried to right now. 
Blue is satisfying me in every way,
emotionally and creatively.

Lift Off Earrings


  1. Hey, I've been thinking about blue too, but unlike you, haven't done much about it! Love the abalone, the kyanite, the jasper, and the African glass! You're finding blue everywhere! Each one so artistic and beautifully done! Keep it coming!!

  2. Oh blue is sooooo awesome and you totally worked it!

  3. Beautiful beautiful blues! I just love the blue patinas you do!!!

  4. Pretty! The abalone drop necklace is sweet! I love blue.

  5. I am in love with your first two pieces! would you be willing to share where you got the shells and the cresent jasper? also, I dn't see a through hole on the shells and without a bale, how did you create the drop? I hope you don't mind sharing but if you do, I understand. thank yu

  6. I love the blues, color that is, not emotions. Though I tend toward greens in my work, (your crescent jasper necklace is stunning!) I have been having a great time with your ocean blue patina on a batch of copper beads. Can't wait to seal them and use them in my work. Will you eventually be carrying patina solutions in your Etsy shop again?


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