Thursday, August 30, 2012

There's an autumn sunset coming up....

and it's calling my name.
This summer was so welcome, I relished the hundred degree weather and adjusted my schedule accordingly so I could be working in the garage early morning and late evening.
But I will admit it was starting to get to me. Concentrating so hard on tiny little objects, while heat waves rose from the concrete, sweat running down my backside and a dizzy feeling whenever I looked up.
Now I am ready for fall.
Kayaking in Meremac
We are diggin a fire pit so we can burn things (past transgressions) on crisp evenings.
Planning a neighborhood BBQ so Pinky can meet our neighbors.
The wineries.
Rides through the back country roads under multi-colored trees.
The apple orchard.
We're gonna paint recycled glass jars and hang em from the porch, fill them with solar lights we got from home depot.
Last night I opened the garage door and smelled burning leaves, it was so sweet....

Maire's whisper petal arrived and I was enthralled by the silken sheen of the torched and waxed metal.
I kept it close by for days as I pondered her enclosed poem by Aldous Huxley; 
Lightly, child, lightly.
You've got to learn to do
everything lightly.
Think lightly, act lightly, feel lightly.
Yes, feel lightly, even though you're feeling deeply.

I punched a hole at the bottom, snipped vintage crocheted lace apart, created a loop through one of them and the petal, then wire-wrapped an 8mm verdigris bead onto antiqued copper chain.
It sits here;

Tell me your plans.
Do you have fall family traditions you hold dear?
How are you expressing yourself this fall season?


  1. Shannon, I hope you get to enjoy a long fall season. There's so much to experience! We don't have any traditions, but we're going to spend next week at our place "up north", near Lake Superior. And when the Lake invites us, we walk there in the evening, so that's a tradition of sorts! Love the petal from Marie! It's a good representation of the flaming brilliance of some of our trees! Your necklace is stunning, it lays just right on your lovely neck! Good inspiration to start off the autumn season.

  2. I love everything about this post! The crocheted flower works so well with the red color of the leaf, the stamped message, and the size. It looks great on your neck too. Onward into fall!

  3. Love the colors and the items in your picture collage at the top of your post - very rustic and fall looking! Makes me long for cooler weather here in AZ! And the necklace you created with the leaf and vintage crocheted lace is so pretty!

  4. Fall will forever be my favorite time of the year, especially this year because it seems like it's been summer since at least March! The last time I was in the Elephant Rocks area it was in the fall, and I saw people in a hot air balloon floating over those beautiful hills - that's what I would love to do!

  5. Shannon, I recognize those places! Enjoy the cooler weather ahead. I love your necklace, and of course Marie's work! Laura

  6. Love the necklace.. Fall is such a beautiful time of year. This is my first fall being married, so I am not sure what kind of traditions we will be starting.

  7. Love the sunset colors and that sweet little necklace.

  8. S-the onset of fall seems to call you and offer such energy - really pleased for you. Love what you have done with MJ's petal - it seems to bring the best energy of both of you into one - it is a very gentle piece. Go well. B


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