Sunday, April 11, 2010

EB Bead and Metal Works make an enameled bowl

Have you seen this? This is the most incredible thing.....
(Photos property of EB Bead and Metal Works.)

What amazing talent these artists have. I get tired sawing a star out of copper sheet. Look at the detail they go into with their dragon bowl.

I could see these propped up on a stark black shelf against a white wall with special lighting installed on tracking over head. Each amazing bowl with it's own spot light.

Please visit their online shop here. (get crackin, EB!)
They also create pendants!

Take a peek into their world here through their blog.

*That is so funny, when I went to collect links for this post I started 2 days ago, I saw they had mentioned me!
 I totally want to touch all their work. I'd be the annoying girl asking all the questions while they tried to sell at a show.


  1. Awesome work. Thanks for sharing!
    And thanks for visiting!!

  2. These are fabulous and yes thanks for sharing.


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