Thursday, April 15, 2010

something's a brewin'

So much to talk about. So much to share. But I can't just yet. Still some things that need to be prepared.
I do however, want to share the mind meld I had recently with Mary Ann Carroll.
I am calling it a mind meld because the end result is so eerily matched. Keep in mind before you see these pictures that I actually do not know Mary Ann very well yet. I haven't known of her work for very long and I had only previously purchased 1 set of beads from her. I found her through Lorelei. and I loved her metallic glazed beads that had a sophisticated but rustic look to them so I treated myself to a set. They came, I loved even harder and found myself at her store again. I purchased  3 sets that put me at her 1000th sale. (Way to go, Mary Ann!) This allowed me the opportunity to choose one more set of beads. As I am waiting for my new beads to arrive, I find, in my back room studio, chain that had been hiding sort of behind this curtain.

I have a sheet over the patina desk that I can pull down and protect the pieces that are curing in their waxed state to prevent any metal working debris from getting on the soft wax before it hardens. I push it to the side and over a hook when not in use. Wait, there is a point here....

The curtain was hiding 4 different colors of hanging chain. I pulled them out and put them on the bead table to either keep for myself or sell. Well, the ceramic beads arrived and I open them next to my piles of chain and look.....
 Bluesie - a soft aqua with touches of coppery brown.
Good Evening - brown, amber, copper, with a touch of burgundy.
 Syrup with your waffle - white base with gray blue and touches of  golden brown
While the chain I had patina-ted has more green, they look spectacular together!
Under the sea - rusty orange with dark brown
And this last set, Antiquity.
I do not even have words for this combination. Dark and foreboding in the best, shivery way. Almost metallic but balanced by that rustic look I crave. I paired it with this heavy, hammered chain in black, opal powder and touches of verdigris.
I can't believe what luck it is to have found a bead supplier that creates one of a kind sets of handmade beads, that compliment the patinas I have been playing with!
It's as if the Bead Gods themselves have smiled down upon me and given me their sacred beadity approval.



  1. Shannon~ THANK-YOU for all those wonderful words!!! After looking at those combinations, I'm sure that the "Beads Gods" must have played a part in that :O) That is sooooo cool!! Isn't it awesome how the internet REALLY has made the world small? If and when you make something I would LOVE to see!

  2. You will be the first I show! Thank YOU for sharing your talent!

  3. Wow!! I think I forsee a great collaboration, Beady Heaven for sure.

    Can't wait to see what you create with these perfectly matched elements.

  4. wonderfull colors. can't wait to see the jewelry!

  5. The bead gods are indeed smiling upon you! didn't sacrifice anything important to earn their regard, did you?

    Can't wait to see what you cook up with these delicious combos!

  6. These patinaed pieces are just the surfaces that I love! Great work!

  7. That is so awesome! I love the beads, I love the chain, I love the colors. I cannot wait to see what you make with them

  8. Really do look as if those sets were matched in (bead) heaven! Looking forward to seeing what becomes of them!

  9. Amazing! I love how the beads and chains match, AWESOME! I love those patinaed chains, I just want to run my hands over them. I also just read, on Art Bead Scene blog, that you are their newest member. Congrats!

  10. Ooooh, your secret is out of the bag this morning. CoNgRaTs on joining the ABS team. So! Very! Happy! For! You!

  11. congrats on being a part of the abs team shannon - and how awesome about yours and mary ann's work being so complimentary! have fun...

  12. :) AIN'T IT GRAND!!!! I've been a huge fan of MaryAnn's for quite some time, (it's a MAC adddiction, I've decided) and I too discovered what a beautifully rustic pairing your pieces make. If you check out her blog, I noted there that some pieces I recently sold to a shop in Mississippi contained both her beads and your findings. I LOVE your work!!!!! Congrats on the ArtBeadScene announcement. I didn't know you even had a blog until then!! Kelli

  13. Love Mary Ann's beads, and I love the serendipity of your chain matching your purchases! Some things are just meant to happen. :)

  14. Awesome! Maybe you were twins in a past life. The beads and chain are beautiful.

  15. Fate! That's all I can say! Beautiful fate :)


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