Monday, August 20, 2012

Strength through Numbers

I love making components for people to make jewelry with.
And I love helping women sell their designs.
And I really love combining unique materials to create an esthetic of ancient history meets modern rustic.
I really reeeeeallllly love that I have found some other women who feel strongly about the above statements as well.
That's right, is now a collective!
While I personally feel like having their help will enable me to continue on in business, the energy and spirit they bring to the online shop will be a huge benefit to the customers who faithfully support and design with handmade components.

Please allow me introduce the first 3 featured artisans who will be helping stock the missficklemedia online shop....

Maire Dodd
 Metal Work

Kristen Stevens
Beaded Beads

 Karen Totten
Ceramic Pottery Beads

I am not going to go into detail about why I feel the way I do about each of these women and their work. I would just start crying and make a big snotty mess of the keyboard.

I do want to share the fruits of my labor when I found myself with a sunny afternoon, a cool breeze in the garage and the choice offerings of handmade artisan components ...

It felt like heaven and I got lost in color, texture and assembly for hours...

Karen and Maire

Kristen and Maire

Karen and Maire

Me and Karen.
Sorry, I meant Karen and I....

Kristen and Maire

So you see, it works. It all just woooooooooooooooooooorks,

(i ♥ you.)

Most of them are One Of A Kind or Limited Editions.

In order to keep their price within reason, they are created in batches and once they are gone.... they're gone. The artist reserves the right to change their inventory as inspiration and raw stock availability directs them elsewhere.
 I will be taking a break from the made to order items so I can finish some collections for a few designers and stock up bead stores for the holidays.
Thank you in advance for your patience as I have over 700 items to list!

What are you keeping busy with?
Are you getting ready for some fall shows, maybe even putting together an newsletter email list you can have your show customers sign up for?
Ummmm, maybe I should see how to do that? I love getting newsletters from my favorite artists, especially when I am not able to personally keep abreast of their work.
What do you think? Do you use email to stay in touch with your customers? Do you hate them (the emails not the customers!!) and groan when you receive them?
Let me know in comments and I'll tell you what I find out in another blog post.
Much Love & Respect,


  1. Perfect additions to your store! A really harmonious selection. These all go so nicely together--the beaded beads really add a luminous pop! good call. Can't wait to see your expanded inventory!

  2. You are sweetness and light Miss Shannon. The fact that you want to help others is a testament to your soul. And I love the way these different designers, four of my very favorite people in fact, work together so seamlessly. It is meant to be. Thank you for letting us witness this transformation and to encourage your dreams to take root! Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. love!!..all this uniqueness all in one! You just keep 'em coming..Just wish I had one billionth of your dynamo force..:)

  4. Wow Shannon, that is so awesome! Love what you did with the their and your components! Fantastic!!!!

  5. A brilliant decision on all levels! You have created new business opportunities, new design inspiration - quite obvious already- and a new bonding all around, customers and artists! Love the idea, love all you artists, and love the results! Way to go!

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  7. Gorgeous Shannon! And such great artists! It's so true! There is strength in numbers whether it's for support or to get a job done! A friend or friends in this case, makes it all the better!

  8. Congratulations! I know that this is the realization of a dream and I know you'll enjoy walking this path as you have all the others. I can't wait to see what you all create as a collective!

  9. *This* is exactly what should be happening all the time--women helping women succeed! Congratulations :)


  10. Brilliant! Looking forward to this..... :)

  11. At the risk of sounding like a bad American movie - you go girl! Snot over the keyboard as much as you damn well like, you've earned it! I wish you every success.

    As for what I'm doing now? Well, I'm having to start all over again cos my health got all mushed up at the beginning of summer. Mind you it's an opportunity to change what I do - and boy have I changed. Instead of my clasps and stuff I'm in the middle of producing a range of silver heavy, semi-precious stone pendants, alongside copper anticlastic cuffs (silver if the customer requires!). I've taught myself to enamel too - so that adds another very colourful string to my bow!

    It is so good to hear you sounding so positive - to repeat: you go girl!!!

  12. Awesome!! By the way...I got my order this last week and those large hoops are so flippin cool...can't wait to put them into something! An the rest of the order was as expected...way awesome!! Keep up the good work!

  13. SO glad to read this post! Those components are gorgeous...but the big reason that warms my heart is to see you take this big step forward :) Kudos!

  14. shannon, i am so very glad to have found this post (haven't been on the computer much lately)...
    i so very much appreciate the opportunity you have given me in joining forces with you and the other women - it really is so much more fun and meaningful to work this way - i love how you are putting the items together in finished work! it all looks wonderful...
    and as far as newsletters are concerned, i love them - the more time i spend working in the basement, the more i am grateful to receive an update from someone i admire... i also just appreciate the ability to subscribe by email -

  15. You guys make a great team! Can't wait to see what is next to come! :)

  16. How beautiful joining together!! Congrats to all of you! Seeing how you put the pieces together says it all- it was meant to be.. Look forward to seeing what will be in your shop!
    : )

  17. Visiting you from sweet Mary Jane and I am so happy I stopped by.Congrats all around!! Cat

  18. And I REALLY love that you are expanding your business into a collective of work from such talented women. Congratulations to all of you for such a great business decision and for all the support you can give each other. Well done! Can't wait to see all the new work.
    I do like getting e-mails to keep in touch with customers. I am taking a breath as the busy summer draws to a close, then work work work on all of the jewelry making I love, to get ready for a fall show and the holiday season. Just for kicks, and to keep my creative mind fresh, I'm taking a plein air painting workshop the first week in September.

  19. A wonderful collaboration! I can not wait to see all the beautiful work together on your website! Laura

  20. Wow love it!! You are sure an idea women with outstanding creations that work and work beautifully!! :) Congrats on your new adventure!


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